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Responsibly sourced seafood

Sustainable Seafood

Coles is committed to only selling Coles brand seafood that is responsibly sourced. Coles is the only supermarket in Australia to become a signatory to the WWF Global Seafood Charter, which commits us to work with WWF to help safeguard valuable marine eco-systems and ensure the long-term viability of seafood supplies.

To determine if Coles brand seafood is “responsibly sourced”, Coles requires the marine fishery or aquaculture farm to be independently assessed against the below criteria, which means that we know where our seafood comes from. We have worked with our suppliers, WWF Australia and leading certifying organisations such as the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) to develop our Responsibly Sourced Seafood program.

 Marine Fishery (wild-caught seafood)

 Aquaculture Farm

  • Be caught using responsible fishing methods
  • Be caught from a well-managed fishery
  • Be traceable from catch

All aquaculture farms are well-managed and are independently assessed or approved against the below areas:

  • broodstock
  • seedlings
  • feed
  • farming
  • harvesting
  • processing
  • independently verified chain of custody

Coles Brand Canned Tuna

We are now proud to offer a choice of Skipjack and Yellowfin tuna in our Coles brand canned tuna range that are both responsibly sourced.

Coles brand MSC-certified pole-and-line caught canned Yellowfin tuna

We’re proud to say that our new Coles brand pole-and-line caught canned Yellowfin tuna is sustainably sourced. It is certified to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard, recognised as a one of the leading global certification programs for sustainable marine fisheries.

The pole-and-line fishing method is a traditional method that minimises the impact on the marine fishery and other marine species by targeting the specific fish being sought.

Until recently, we did not sell Yellowfin Tuna as there was not a sustainable source available. 

After working with the MSC and our suppliers to identify a sustainable source of Yellowfin Tuna, we delighted that we can now provide one of the most sustainable canned tuna products in the Australian market to our customers at a great price.

This is what Gilly Llewellyn, WWF Australia’s Conservation Director, says about MSC and Yellowfin tuna:

“The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification is the most robust and highest standard available for sourcing sustainably caught seafood. Coles' new seafood sourcing policy includes preferential sourcing of MSC for all wild caught seafood. WWF supports this commitment. 
There are concerns about the status of yellowfin tuna stocks in the Indian Ocean. In fact, there are concerns with a number of tuna stocks globally that are suffering from the results of inadequate management of excessive fishing. That’s why WWF supports companies like Coles preferentially sourcing tuna that has passed the rigorous standard for MSC, and encouraging this as a preferred choice for consumers. It’s a positive commitment for our oceans and marine life, and other retailers and seafood businesses should look to follow Coles’ leadership in this area."

And this is what Patrick Caleo, MSC’s Asia Pacific Regional Director, says:

“Coles is leading the way in providing Australians sustainable seafood options that have been certified to the world’s most credible standard for sustainable fishing.” 

Coles brand canned Skipjack tuna

Coles brand canned Skipjack tuna is responsibly sourced. This means:

  1. Fish stocks:The fish stock from where the Coles brand Skipjack tuna is caught is green-rated by the Western & Central Pacific Ocean Fisheries Commission, the international body that manages the marine fishery from where the Coles brand Skipjack tuna is sourced.
  2. Reduced by-catch: Coles brand Skipjack tuna is caught without the use of fish aggregating devices (known as FADs), which are essentially rafts that that attract fish. This results in reducing by-catch.
  3. Traceability: Every can of Coles brand Skipjack canned tuna can be traced back to one of the approved fishing boats that caught it and the boat that transports it to the canneries.
  4. Independent observers: Each boat that catches the Coles brand Skipjack tuna has an independent observer on board to ensure that the fishers meet the conservation measures specified by the Western & Central Pacific Ocean Fisheries Commission.

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