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Coles Finest

Coles Finest

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To explain why something tastes so good, the best start is to see where it’s produced. The lush green pastures of Victoria’s Gippsland region, for example, are the perfect home for Holstein dairy cows to graze.

Likewise, the postcard pretty town of Beechworth, and its towering eucalypt blossoms a floral magnet for industrious bees, or the dense jungles of Costa Rica and Colombia where aromatic coffee plants thrive in the steamy heat. All are ideal environments for producing quality food and, as such, all have been chosen by the passionate foodies behind the Coles Finest range.

Whether it’s olive growers cold pressing the first olives of the season or traditional cheese makers hand wrapping their delicacies in cloth for ageing, all the Coles Finest producers share three common factors - a love of food, a respect for tradition and an unwavering demand for quality. And the proof is in the eating.

Coles Finest Australian Free Range Half Leg Ham

Only a small amount of Mount Zero lake salt is harvested each year by the lake’s indigenous caretakers, the Barengi Gadjin Land Council. It’s this rare salt that is used to cure our free range Australian pork, which is then smoked over fragrant Beechwood for a subtle, sweet flavour.

Discover the story behind our Free Range Half Leg Ham

Coles Finest Ham
Coles Finest Pudding

Coles Finest Australian Vintage Pudding

Handcrafted in the Hunter Valley region, this traditional Vintage Pudding is made from Australian vine fruit, local free range eggs, Australian butter and a splash of oak barrel-aged Barossa Valley brandy. Each pudding is wrapped in calico, boiled in Coppers (kettles), hung to dry then matured for 12 months.

Discover the story behind Coles Finest Australian Vintage Pudding

Coles Finest Gippsland farmhouse vintage cheddar

Coles Finest Gippsland Farmhouse Vintage Cheddar

Milk from this single herd, grazed on the lush pastures of Gippsland Victoria, is just the start of Sam Riggal and Ferial Zekiman’s award winning cheddar. The third generation mother and son cheese makers are proud sticklers for handcrafting cheese the old way. From their single herd milk, to the hand sprinkling of salt and the careful wrapping of each cheese wheel in cloth for ageing, every step takes place on their farm. It’s a labour of love and their cheddar tastes all the better for it.

Coles Finest Australian red gum honey

Coles Finest Australian Red Gum Honey

In the 1880's Benjamin Robinson was mining for gold in Victoria, when he discovered the area’s native eucalypt honey was an untapped source of liquid gold. Four generations later and Robinsons are still producing honey from family hives in Beechworth. Ask them their secret - the bees feed on the blossoms of majestic native eucalypts around Australia and they bottle the results. It’s as simple and natural as that.

Coles Finest Australian blood orange marmalade

Coles Finest Australian Blood Orange Marmalade

Australia is the perfect place for producing delicious fruit. From the cool, crisp climate of Australia’s southern states, ideal for creating sweet strawberries and plump, tart raspberries or the warmer, sunnier days of the Riverina region just right for growing juicy, zesty citrus fruits, Restricted by seasonal availability, we craft the pick of the season's blood orange harvest into a thoroughly modern, marmalade, retaining the intense sweet flavour unmatched by other orange varieties.