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How to buy and cook blue grenadier

Fresh blue grenadier fillets

Blue grenadier is a soft-medium fish with a mild, sweet flavour, low oiliness and very few bones.

It can be used in place of most white flesh fish in seafood recipes.

Blue grenadier available in Coles’ seafood department is wild caught off the coasts of Australia and New Zealand.

Buying tips

  • Usually sold in fillets, look for a moist texture and a creamy pink to off-white appearance with no brown markings.
  • Flesh should be firm, moist and lustrous, with a pleasant, fresh sea smell.

Storage tips

  • Fresh blue grenadier should be stored in the fridge in either an airtight container or well wrapped on a plate or tray. Cook and eat within 3 days of purchase.
  • Freeze on day of purchase for up to 3 months below -18°C. Ensure the fish does not come in direct contact with ice to avoid freezer burn. Defrost in the fridge overnight and ensure it’s fully thawed before cooking.

Cooking tips

  • Blue grenadier is quite a soft fish and should be handled carefully to ensure it remains intact.
  • It is best suited to cooking methods including barbecuing, grilling, pan-frying or baking. Combine with simple flavours for a fresh and tasty meal, including citrus, fresh herbs and soy sauce.
  • A great fillet for making homemade fish and chips that the kids will love! 

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