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Welcome to Coles: It's meat-tastic

At Coles, all of our fresh beef, pork, lamb and chicken in the meat department is Australian grown. And that includes mince, burgers and snags too!

Coles is helping Australia grow by supporting local farmers, and we’re improving the standards of animal treatment too.

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Selecting meat

At Coles, we only sell quality, fresh meat in our meat department.

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Our Range Meat Cooking

Cooking tips

Well-prepared meat makes an ordinary dinner something special. Different cuts need different preparations.

Meat: perfectly cooked

Meet our farmers

Coles takes pride in working with local farmers to provide the very best fresh beef, lamb, pork and chicken for Aussie families. 

Let’s meet some of them.

Our Range Meat Farmers
Our Range Meat Ethical

Responsible sourcing

Coles offers a wide variety of responsibly sourced meat products including pork, beef, and chicken. We take animal welfare seriously, and we're constantly working to find better ways to source our meat products.

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