Accessibility for our customers

Coles is making shopping easier for our customers. We're modifying our stores so they're more accessible and inclusive, improving digital accessibility on our website, and offering a number of programs and services that make it easier for everyone to shop with Coles both in store and online.


Our Click&Collect service helps Coles customers save time by shopping online. After completing an order, you can pick up your groceries from a local Coles store or Coles Express at a time that suits you. For more information on Click&Collect, click here or chat to our team at the Customer Service Desk in store.  


Specialty trolleys

Most Coles stores have a selection of specialty trolleys available for your convenience. These include baby capsule trolleys, twin and twin toddler trolleys, as well as trolleys for those with limited mobility. If these trolleys are not available, please speak to the team at the Customer Service Desk. Please note that some of our smaller CBD stores cannot accommodate all specialty trolleys.


Carry to car service

Our team members are on hand in every Coles store to help carry your groceries if you need support. Please ask for assistance at the Customer Service Desk.


Facilities for the elderly and customers with disability

To make shopping at Coles easier for everyone, we have special wheelchair/mobility trolleys available in most of our stores. We also have wheelchair access and wider aisles. For more information, please ask for assistance at the Customer Service Desk or call your local store.