The Picky Little Koala

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The Picky Little Koala ebook 

At Coles we value the Australian way of life, and that includes all Aussies - even our iconic Aussie wildlife!

That’s why we’re raising awareness for an endangered Australian icon, the Koala. Did you know that approximately 80% of Koala habitat has been lost and at the current rate of decline, some species of Koala could be extinct by 2050?

To help support Aussie Ark conserve and protect Australia’s iconic Koala population, we’ve launched our first-ever Children’s e-book - The Picky Little Koala.  Follow the Koala on her adventure to find the perfect leaf, all thanks to the support of Aussie Ark and their work in preserving and expanding Koala habitats. Be sure to download your own copy of the e-book from Apple Books and Google Play.

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1. The Coles e-book The Picky Little Koala is a free e-book publication made available in digital form via Apple Books and Google Play.

2. Coles is not responsible for any associated consumer third-party fees such as download and mobile usage fees, which may apply.

Aussie Ark Donation

3. Coles will donate $1 for every download of the e-book via Apple Books and Google Play within the download period and up to $100,000 AUD. Conditions:

(a) The final donation amount from Coles to Aussie Ark is capped at $100,000 AUD

(b) The download period is 30/03/2022 until 19/04/2022

(c) A download will be captured by Coles through iTunes Connect for Apple Books and The Google Books Partner Centre for Google Play during the specified promotional dates