Community bags

Coles has raised more than $4 million since June 2018 to help schools, sporting clubs, disadvantaged people and the environment through the sale of reusable bags designed by Aussie kids. 

When single use plastic bags were removed at its supermarkets in mid-2018, Coles offered a colourful range of reusable shopping bags designed by Australian school kids. 

These specially-marked bags - known as Community Bags – have since raised much-needed funds for Clean Up Australia, Little Athletics, SecondBite, Guide Dogs Australia, Aspect schools and the Collingwood Football Club Community Foundation, with 10% of sales directed to their causes. 

Specifically, these funds raised at Coles have enabled:

  • The equivalent of more than 3.5 million meals for Australians in need through SecondBite;
  • Over $1.1 million in sports equipment grants for 316 Little Athletics centres across Australia; 
  • Support to breed, raise and train 18 puppies to become Guide Dogs; 
  • More than $230,000 for Aspect schools which cater for students on the spectrum;
  • Disaster relief packs for flood-affected Townsville, 100,000 pairs of gloves for school kids, 5,000 first aid kits and biodegradable clean up bags through Clean Up Australia; and
  • More than $25,000 to support homeless and disadvantaged people through Collingwood Football Club Foundation’s Magpie Nest.

$1 Tote bags

10c from every bag will be donated to Guide Dogs Australia.

Huiling Dong

15 years old
Cumberland High School New South Wales

Ella Burke

16 years old
Moruya High School New South Wales

Hiro Kojo

16 years old
Baulkham Hills High School New South Wales

Kassidy Jewell

9 years old
Ross Creek Woady Yaloak Primary School Victoria

$2 Shoulder bags

20c from every bag will be donated to SecondBite.

Emily Fry

11 years old
Aspect Northern Rivers School New South Wales

Brandi Li

10 years old
Epsom Primary School Victoria

Remmi King

16 years old
Kaniva College Victoria

Wenya Gao

8 years old
Blackburn Lake Primary School Victoria

$2.50 Chiller bags

25c from every bag will be donated to Little Athletics Australia.

Lachie Macdonald

8 years old
Blackburn Lake Primary School Victoria

Charlie De Bruyn

11 years old
Caralee Community School Western Australia

Su Yen

17 years old
Swinburne Secondary College Victoria

Veranika Yarshevich

13 years old
Suzanne Cory High School Victoria

$3 Jute bags

30c from every bag will be donated to Clean Up Australia.

Reem El Daouk

15 years old
Sirius College Victoria

Lily Aldridge

17 years old
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Victoria