Farming that is Better Together

We want to win together with our supplier partners and we are committed to building strong, multigenerational, collaborative relationships with Australian farmers and producers. Their hard work and dedication enables us to provide high-quality  products to our customers.

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Coles Own Brand products

Coles Own Brand products are sourced ethically and responsibly. Suppliers must meet our policies and requirements across a range of areas including product safety, human rights, animal welfare, health and nutrition and packaging.

We want to provide all Australians with great-tasting products that deliver healthier choices for our customers and meet their dietary needs. We've developed a range of policies that cover salt, sugar and trans fat reduction, the use of artificial colours and flavours, and nutrition and health labelling for our Coles Own Brand products.

We also support the Health Star Rating, a Federal Government front-of-pack labelling program aimed at assisting customers to make healthier choices when buying packaged foods.

Cage free eggs

All Coles Brand shell eggs sold nationally are cage-free and in 2019 we also transitioned all proprietary shell eggs in Western Australia to cage-free.

Dairy farming

In 2019, we began direct sourcing Coles Own Brand fresh milk in Victoria and the South Coast of New South Wales, giving farmers the option of one, two or three-year contracts with transparent pricing, providing them greater confidence over their income so that they can plan for the future. Since then, the program has expanded to dairy farmers in the Riverina, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. In addition, we have expanded the model to include direct milk sourcing for Coles Own Brand cheese, sourcing milk predominantly from Victoria.

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