Coles fresh beef

The way beef should be

At Coles, our farmers believe that good quality beef doesn’t need added hormones and that’s why all of our Coles Own Brand fresh beef is 100% Aussie with no added hormones.

Farmer walking with his cows

What's your beef?

When it comes to beef, Coles offers a variety of products to meet our customers’ needs, from Coles GRAZE grass-fed beef, to 100 day grain fed Coles Finest beef.

Beef lovers would argue that each has its own unique taste. And that’s why we provide our customers with a choice.

Coles Finest fresh beef is always 100% Australian with no added hormones. The cattle begin eating grass and are then fed grains such as barley and wheat.

GRAZE; our specialty beef range, is 100% Australian, grass-fed and has no added hormones. Growers adhere to high standards where cattle are free to roam and are not fed grain at all.

Whatever your beef is, if it’s Coles Own Brand fresh beef you can be certain it’s 100% Aussie with no added hormones to help bring you better quality beef.

"Good beef doesn’t need hormones"


Wide shot of farm with creek and cows grazing in the background

What does grass-fed really mean?

At Coles, it means our cattle are free to graze on pastures and are never fed grain.

GRAZE beef producer, Nigel Stephens says ‘the secret to grass-fed beef is that there is no secret’. Our pasture-fed cattle are raised naturally and raised with care. Customers should be happy knowing that they have been grass-fed and not finished on grain – while ensuring they can be confident about where it comes from.'

What’s good for farmers is good for Australia, too. Because Nigel’s farm of grass-fed Angus and Hereford cattle is just one of over 100 farms across the country that help Coles offer quality GRAZE beef all year round – from porterhouse and scotch to stir fry and mince.

So the next time you see Coles GRAZE Beef in store, remember, its’ grass-fed, 100% Aussie and with no added hormones.

How to make roast beef

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Learn more about our other growers and suppliers

Working with the RSPCA, we offer a range of humanely farmed chickens, grown on farms that must meet strict animal welfare standards and provide an enriched environment for chickens to grow.

We’ve worked with our farmers and suppliers to ensure all of our Coles Own Brand fresh pork is sow stall-free and free from artificial growth promotants.

We believe you can’t rush quality. So we’ve partnered with expert French baker, Laurent Boillon, to create our Coles Finest 30 Hour Sourdough Range.

Right across the store, from seafood in the deli to frozen fish in the freezers, all of our Coles Own Brand seafood is responsibly sourced – so whatever you buy, you’ll always know you’re making a better choice for our oceans.