Coles fresh fruit and veg

We believe Aussie farmers grow some of the best fruit and veg in the world

That’s why Coles has an Australian First Sourcing Policy. In fact, all our bananas, apples, tomatoes, carrots and many more fruit and veg are 100% Aussie, 100% of the time.

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Why Australian farms first?

As an Australian company, we love supporting other Australian businesses. To do this, we pride ourselves on having an Australian First Sourcing Policy, which means we source fruit and veg from Aussie Farms First.

In fact, 96% of our fresh produce is Australian sourced*. For the small percentage of fruit and veg that does have to be imported, it's due to the following reasons: 

  • The product isn't grown in Australia (e.g. drinking coconuts);
  • The product is not in season and there is customer demand (e.g. cherries), and/or when;
  • Supply is limited during parts of the year (e.g. blueberries)

We do all this because we think we’re lucky enough to produce some of the best food in the world! And it’s good to know whenever you visit your local Coles, you’re supporting local growers from around the country.

Download our Australian seasonal fruit chart and Australian seasonal vegetable chart.

*Percentage based on total purchases from 25/6/18-30/6/19 and is subject to seasonal change.

"Fresh Select and Coles share a passion for Australian-grown produce and we are proud to be part of Coles’ Australian First Sourcing Policy"


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Good fruit and veg starts with good relationships

Fresh Select is one of our major suppliers of quality Aussie produce, ranging from iceberg lettuce to cauliflower. With farms across four growing regions in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland, Fresh Select ensures premium quality products are grown as local as possible.

A supplier with strong grower relationships and a commitment to bringing exciting innovation to Coles, Fresh Select in conjunction with the Samwell family located in the Adelaide Hills, helped Coles launch Kalettes in 2017. A hybrid between kale and brussels sprouts, look out for this product in store during the winter months.

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Learn more about our other growers and suppliers

Working with the RSPCA, we offer a range of humanely farmed chickens, grown on farms that must meet strict animal welfare standards and provide an enriched environment for chickens to grow.

We’ve worked with our farmers and suppliers to ensure all of our Own Brand fresh pork is sow stall-free and free from artificial growth promotants.

We believe you can’t rush quality. So we’ve partnered with expert French baker, Laurent Boillon, to create our Coles Finest 30 Hour Sourdough Range.

Right across the store, from seafood in the deli to frozen fish in the freezers, all of our Own Brand seafood is responsibly sourced – so whatever you buy, you’ll always know you’re making a better choice for our oceans.