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All Coles Own Brand seafood is responsibly sourced

Prawns in a fishing basket

"We believe a healthy environment produces healthy fish"

Richard Buczak, barramundi farmer

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What does responsibly sourced seafood mean?

At Coles, responsibly sourced seafood means that farms and fisheries have been independently certified or assessed to help mitigate potential environmental risks − including impacts on surrounding ecosystems, illegal and unregulated fishing, and overfishing of stocks related to seafood sourcing and production of Coles Own Brand products.

All Coles Own Brand seafood, whether farmed or wild-caught, must meet our responsible sourcing standards outlined below:

Farmed Seafood

To meet Coles’ Responsibly Sourced Seafood Requirements, Coles Own Brand farmed seafood products are required to be certified to the following independent third-party standards and certifications:

Wild-Caught Seafood

To meet Coles’ Responsibly Sourced Seafood Requirements, Coles Own Brand wild-caught seafood products are required to be:  

More information on our Responsibly Sourced Seafood Program is available here

Coles is MSC’s Best Sustainable Seafood Supermarket Award winner 2022

Coles has held the MSC Best Sustainable Seafood Supermarket Award in Australia since 2017. The award acknowledges Coles’ wide range of MSC-labelled products as well as its commitment to communicating the message behind the MSC blue fish tick to its team members and the wider public.

MSC Best sustainable seafood supermarket award 2022  

Coles Own Brand Tuna

For Coles Own Brand canned Skipjack and Yellowfin tuna to be responsibly sourced it must be caught without the use of fish aggregating devices (FADs) that create by-catch and caught on approved fishing boats that can be traced all the way to the cannery. The requirement to have independent observers onboard to monitor measures specified by the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.) is set to be reinstated by 1 January 2023.

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We’ve worked with our farmers and suppliers to ensure all of our Coles Own Brand fresh pork is sow stall-free and free from artificial growth promotants.

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