Sustainable products

Coles is committed to sourcing quality, healthy products in an ethical and responsible way

We want to make it easier for our customers to make sustainable choices, so we take a sustainability mindset when developing our Own Brand products.

Coles Own Brand products are sourced ethically and responsibly. Suppliers must meet our policies and requirements across a range of areas including product safety, human rights, animal welfare, health and nutrition and packaging.

We want to provide all Australians with great-tasting Own Brand products that deliver healthier choices for our customers and meet their dietary needs. We've developed a range of policies that cover salt, sugar and trans fat reduction, the use of artificial colours and flavours, and nutrition and health labelling for our Own Brand products.

We also support the Health Star Rating, a Federal Government front-of-pack labelling program aimed at assisting customers to make healthier choices when buying packaged foods.

We're commited to sustainable and ethical sourcing

bunch of fresh tomatoes on a vine

Australian First Sourcing Policy

As an Australian company, we pride ourselves on our Australian First Sourcing Policy, sourcing our fresh food from Aussie farms first.

fresh seafood in fisherman's hands

Responsibly sourced seafood

To help protect our oceans, all of our Own Brand seafood is 100% responsibly sourced.

close up of white chickens

RSPCA Approved Coles fresh chicken and turkey

100 per cent of Coles Own Brand fresh chicken and fresh turkey range are RSPCA Approved.

farmer on dirt road with cows

No added hormone beef

We take pride in providing our customers with 100% Australian Own Brand fresh beef, with no added growth hormones.

Sustainable packaging

While packaging plays a key role in keeping food safe, maintaining freshness and reducing food waste, we know our customers want less packaging overall and more recyclable packaging.

We're using industry tools to ensure the recyclability of our Own Brand product packaging and working with the Australian Packaging Convent to guide the recyclability of our range. We're working towards our goal for all Coles Own Brand packaging to be recyclable through kerbside services or through the instore REDcycle soft plastics program.

We're rolling out the Australasian Recycling Label which gives customers information on how and where to recycle different packaging components.

We're also increasing the amount of recycled content in our packaging. Our fresh produce bags are made with 30% recycled content, our Own Brand spring water bottles are made from 100% recycled content, and our Better Bags are made from 80% recycled content.


Fresh Meat manager Ben from Coles Victoria Park WA with recyclable Plantic meat and poultry packaging

Human rights in the supply chain

Coles is committed to the fair treatment of all workers in our supply chains. We engage with more than 770 Coles Own Brand product, fresh produce and meat suppliers, operating at over 2,200 sites and located in more than 40 countries.

We acknowledge that protecting human rights in the supply chain is a global issue, and we understand the important role we have in safeguarding human rights within our complex supply chains.

We are a responsible retailer and continually aim to ensure we're sourcing and operating ethically in all areas, with specific emphasis on compliance with Modern Slavery legislation and the Fair Work Act. This includes working with our suppliers to ensure they're also acting responsibly and in compliance with the law.

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