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Supporting Aussie producers

We know Australia produces great quality food so we work hard to source as much of our fresh food as possible from local growers.

Going to great lengths for quality

Behind even the most normal-looking apple or cut of meat, there’s ambition and passion from Coles team members, farmers and growers for quality food. Every day our team members and suppliers go to great lengths for quality. 

Our quality teams check the quality of our food all around Australia every year, travelling the same distance it would take to circle the Earth ten times. Our meat team maintains close relationships with farmers for our great tasting Coles Brand fresh meat. We’ve partnered with French master Baker Laurent Boillon in our bakery. Plus, our expert culinary panel taste tests our Coles Own Brand products to ensure they meet quality standards before they hit our shelves. 

That’s going to great lengths for quality, and you can experience it when you shop in-store or online at Coles.

Coles Nurture Fund

Coles launched the $50 million Nurture Fund in 2015 to help Australian producers innovate and grow.  Since then, we have offered more than $33 million in financial support to almost 100 small and medium sized businesses.


Coles Own Brand products

Coles Own Brand products are sourced ethically and responsibly. Suppliers must meet our policies and requirements across a range of areas including product safety, human rights, animal welfare, health and nutrition and packaging. We want to provide all Australians with great-tasting products that deliver healthier choices for our customers and meet their dietary needs. We've developed a range of policies that cover salt, sugar and trans fat reduction, the use of artificial colours and flavours, and nutrition and health labelling for our Coles Own Brand products. You can discover our range of Own Brand products here.