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Coles fresh chicken

Coles RSPCA Approved fresh chicken

At Coles, we believe chickens should be raised to RSPCA standards. It’s why all our Coles Own Brand fresh chicken isn’t just 100% Aussie, it’s raised on RSPCA Approved farms.

What does free range RSPCA Approved chicken mean?

Chickens grazing

There are different types of free range chicken, but all of our Coles Own Brand free range fresh chicken is grown on farms that are part of the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme and meet these indoor and outdoor standards.

Chickens are introduced to the outdoors once they have grown feathers and are mature enough to acclimatise to the outdoor environment. They are provided with outdoor access for a minimum of 8 hours a day which enables the chickens to express their natural behaviours such as foraging and pecking, along with providing them shade for protection.

Most importantly, all RSPCA Approved farms are assessed at least twice per year by specialised RSPCA Assessors; ensuring chickens are farmed humanely to the RSPCA’s detailed animal welfare standard.



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Why is RSPCA Approved chicken important?

Paddock at sunset

It means that no matter which Coles Own Brand fresh chicken you choose, you know it’s been humanely farmed to RSPCA standards. These standards ensure the environment where the chickens are raised is enriched for a higher level of animal welfare.

When you choose our Coles Own Brand free range fresh chicken, you’re choosing RSPCA Approved chicken.

Becoming RSPCA Approved and labelling as free range is no simple task. In this farming system, once properly feathered, birds must have access to the outdoors for a minimum of 8 hours a day, room to forage and explore and the freedom to express natural behaviours like perching, dust bathing and scratching.

Meet Craig

Craig Mackenzie on his chicken farm

Craig Mackenzie, free range chicken farmer

Craig Mackenzie has been a free range chicken farmer for six years and he’s now a proud RSPCA Approved chicken farmer, too.

"Many farmers including myself have strong views on welfare," Craig says. "We believe it is extremely important to care for our chickens and make sure they have the best quality of life possible.

"Being RSPCA Approved means we are doing the most we can for the welfare of the animals. It also gives us the reassurance and recognition that we are looking after our chickens to the best welfare practices, as well as keeping us updated on any possible improvements that might be identified in the industry in the future."

RSPCA Approved farming isn’t just good for the animals, it’s good for the farmers too. Since becoming RSPCA Approved, the Mackenzies now have improved methods of monitoring and managing the feed, water and comfort of their chickens.

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