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Coles Finest Sourdough by Laurent

Crafted for 30 hours so it's both crunchy and soft.

You can't rush quality

We believe you can’t rush quality. It’s why we’ve partnered with expert French baker Laurent Boillon to create Coles Finest 30 Hour Recipe Stone Baked Sourdough.
Loaves of Laurent Sourdough

Coles Finest 30 Hour Recipe Stone Baked Sourdough has more time to rest and rise, resulting in a mouth-watering sourdough that’s soft on the inside with a delicious, caramelised crust on the outside – perfect for gourmet sandwiches, homemade garlic bread or dipping in extra virgin olive oil.

But Coles Finest by Laurent isn’t just a pretty loaf. It’s made in Australia using locally milled flour and a natural starter culture, which is over 25 years old and based on a traditional recipe.

We’re proud of our promise that all Coles Finest by Laurent Sourdough contains no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours, and that bread lovers across the country can enjoy this artisan-style range not traditionally found at the supermarket.

Winner of Product of the Year 2019* for our Sourdough Vienna & Pane di Casa with Toasted Sesame Loaves, and Product of the Year 2020* for our Sourdough Rolls, the range has proven to be a favourite, and continues to evolve.

* Winner of Bakery Category. Survey of 10,000 people by Nielsen. Selected stores only. Used under license from Laurent Bakery Pty Ltd.



The Laurent story

Since opening his first store over 20 years ago, expert baker Laurent Boillon has won over many hearts – and stomachs!

Originally from the south of France, in sunny Aix-en-Provence, Laurent learned his craft at the prestigious Lenôtre school in Paris. He then returned to his childhood passion of making sourdough bread and after moving to Australia, opened his first boutique bakery in Melbourne. "As the years went by, we developed recipes that were authentically French, but with a modern twist for Aussie appetites", says Laurent, "and over the journey we have seen the Australian palate become much more sophisticated."

Now Coles is proud to help Australians put quality, French style sourdough on their table every day, with a ten-year agreement with Laurent to supply sourdough to Coles.

What makes sourdough different?

Sourdough is ‘sour’ because it’s made with a starter culture – a mixture of flour and water that ferments to create good bacteria and yeast. This differs to ordinary bread which may not contain a starter culture.
Close up of Laurent holding a loaf of sourdough in his hands

What about the ‘holes’ inside? Well for many artisanal bakers, holes in bread are sought-after. Through a range of fermentation steps and stone baking, air pockets are formed by the yeasts. It’s these air pockets that help make bread light and delicate.

Does stone baking make a difference too? It certainly does. Baking the bread on stone provides an earthy flavour and a traditional thick crust that may not be seen in standard loaves baked entirely on metal trays. This method of baking dates back thousands of years.

Our Coles Finest by Laurent range is produced at a state-of-the-art purpose-built facility in Braeside, Victoria. The 30 hour recipe includes the entire process from when the dough is mixed, to when it is left to rest and rise and stone baked, with the final baking stage taking place in store by one of our bakers to create a soft, light texture with a caramelised crust, so you can enjoy this authentic quality bread daily.