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Coles fresh pork

Coles fresh Aussie pork is proudly sow stall-free

We are proud to be the first major Australian supermarket to deliver all of our Coles Own Brand pork sow stall-free and produced without artificial growth promotants.

What's sow stall free?

Edson piggery farmers smiling

"Sow stall-free is a good thing. It allows the sows to interact with other sows. They seem happy and content."

Brett Edson, Coles pork farmer

Following extensive work with our pork suppliers, all of our Coles Own Brand fresh pork is sow stall-free and free from artificial growth promotants.

This was a first for an Australian major supermarket.

Sow stall-free means that pregnant sows (mother pigs) are not kept in small, single-pig stalls for long periods of time during their pregnancy.

Our farmers must ensure their pigs are free to move around in pens and socialise with other mother pigs during their pregnancy.



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Coles Own Brand fresh pork is free from artificial growth promotants

We believe in allowing animals to grow without the use of artificial growth promotants. To make this happen, we’ve worked with our suppliers to ensure they meet these standards.
Coles Pork Farmer Brett Edson

Coles fresh pork undergoes rigorous auditing. In addition to being assessed against the Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program (APIQ), it is also assessed to more stringent requirements developed by APIQ and Coles on areas such as bedding, enrichment, husbandry practices, stocking densities, antibiotics, growth promotants and hormone use. This Standard extends above the current industry standard.

The choice is yours with our range of free range fresh pork

We know choice is important to our customers. That’s why we also stock Coles Own Brand free range RSPCA Approved fresh pork, grown on selected farms in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia.
Man in paddock with pigs

Rob Moulton, Milne AgriGroup, WA

All Coles Own Brand free range fresh pork is humanely farmed, with animals raised to high standards, assessed under the RSPCA Approved farming scheme.

Pigs reared to RSPCA Approved standards have space to move, forage, socialise and explore. Sows (mother pigs) are not confined to sow stalls or farrowing crates, instead they have good quality bedding which provides a comfortable area to rest.

In WA’s great southern region, the land provides ideal conditions for farmers like Rob Moulton to raise free range RSPCA Approved pork for Coles (in fact, Coles Brand free-range pork is the only RSPCA Approved fresh pork stocked nationally by a major Australian supermarket).

Rob is just one of many farming families that work with Milne AgriGroup and Coles to raise free range pigs that meet the RSPCA Approved pig standards.

‘The support from Coles and Milne AgriGroup allows us farmers to diversify our business and include pigs into our cropping rotation,’ he says. ‘The Milne AgriGroup free range pig model is where pigs are produced to a high welfare standard. Our farming partners and employees even sign a welfare pledge,’ says Rob.

Milne AgriGroup is an Australian owned company with 25 years of free range farming history and has been farming pigs to the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme Standards since 2010.

This proud partnership was formally recognised in 2018, with the announcement of Milne AgriGroup as Coles Supplier of the Year.

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