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Courtney Roulston

MasterChef Australia alumni Courtney Roulston loves to share her passion for home cooking. She specialises in turning fresh and healthy ingredients into easy dishes that look and taste delicious. 

Growing up on a small farm as part of a big family gave Courtney a love of simple, hearty and tasty home cooking. Since first appearing on MasterChef Australia in 2010, Courtney has successfully run her own catering business, cooked nutritious food for the Sydney Swans AFL team, written cookbooks, and presented cooking shows. As part of Coles partnership with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation (SAKGF), she also produces much-loved recipes for the SAKGF community. Whether she’s putting together a beautiful salad or a rustic fruit dessert, Courtney’s keen eye for detail and captivating recipe style mean she always creates something special.

Try these easy recipes

Whether you’re entertaining friends or just wondering what’s for dinner, check out Courtney’s recipes. Sweet or savoury, her recipes are great for making the most of delicious-tasting seasonal fruit and veggies. You’ll find plenty of inspiration for celebrations as well as classic family food such as salads, soups, bakes and roasts.

Watch Courtney cook

Courtney takes you through how to make some of her favourite dishes step-by-step and shares lots of easy kitchen tips and tricks along the way.

Sweet ideas from Courtney

If you’re looking for something sweet to share at a get-together with friends or a treat for yourself and your family on the weekend, don’t miss Courtney’s dessert recipes. You’ll find tasty ways with fresh and frozen fruit, flaky pastry, nuts, chocolate and more.