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Our sustainability strategy

We're working with industry partners, suppliers and customers to increase food security, reduce waste and overall, conserve our valuable resources.

Our sustainability strategy in action

We are committed to acting on the issues that matter most to our stakeholders auch as climate change and emissions reduction, waste management (including plastics, packaging and food waste), animal welfare, health and nutrition, and farming and supplier partnerships. For further details on our performance, view our 2023 Sustainability Report.

Here's what we achieved in FY23:

Donated 40.1 million equivalent meals

  • Donated the equivalent of 40.1 million meals to our longstanding partners SecondBite and Foodbank, helping Australians in need

Broadest range of RSPCA Approved products

Offered the broadest range of RSPCA Approved products of any major Australian supermarket

Increase in women in leadership positions

  • Achieved 41.5% women in leadership roles in FY23

Emissions reduction

Reduced combined Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 27.7%, from FY22 (33.5% reduction from FY20)

Renewable electricity

Our target is to source 100% renewable electricity by the end of FY25 . In FY23 we made significant progress towards this target through onsite solar and large scale generation certificate arrangements which match our consumption.

Divert waste from landfill

We diverted 84.0% of the Group's solid waste from landfill, an increase from 82.5% in FY22

Working with Coles customers

Coles is working to provide opportunities for our customers to reduce their environmental impact.

In store battery collection bins