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Coles battery recycling collection units

Battery bin

Coles has introduced battery collection units into its supermarkets. 

Recycling household batteries is an important solution to the growing waste problems in Australia. It’s important that batteries are disposed of correctly to prevent the risk of fire, choking, and leakage of hazardous materials into the surrounding environment. Precious resources are recovered from recycled batteries, including lithium, nickel, and zinc, creating a second life for these materials and reducing waste sent to landfill. Providing our customers with a safe, convenient, and effective recycling option for household batteries allows Coles to advance our sustainability ambitions and provide greater support to customers.

In some states and territories, batteries are banned from general waste bins. Batteries sent to landfill cause environmental damage as toxic chemicals can leak into soil, water, and drainage systems.

Globally demand for batteries and battery materials is expected to jump by 500% by 2050.  Currently Australian household have over 150 million loose or removable batteries in their homes and prior to the launch of B-cycle less than 10% of batteries were being recycled.   When surveyed 84% of respondents nominated supermarkets as their first-choice location for drop-off.

To promote these battery recycling recovery rates, industry and government launched the Battery Stewardship Scheme B-cycle in 2022. To promote and support our customers with the effective management and disposal of household batteries, Coles has launched instore battery collection available for customers. 

Who has Coles partnered with?

Coles has partnered with Close the Loop and Ecobatt to manage the bins, battery collection and recycling.  Ecobatt has invested in battery sorting and recycling systems to ensure that batteries are separated based on similar chemistries and then they are separated into their components for reuse.

The B-cycle scheme

B-cycle is Australia’s official battery recycling Scheme. The Scheme is administered by the Battery Stewardship Council, Australia’s national battery stewardship organisation. B-cycle offers convenient Drop off points for all Australians and businesses to recycle their used batteries. Unlike other battery recycling programs, B-cycle has strict processes to track and verify that every used battery you drop off is properly recycled and made into new products.

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