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Everyone is welcome at our table. Proud partner Sydney Worldpride 2023.

Everyone is Welcome at Our Table

There is something incredibly special about sitting around a table sharing good food and drinks with people who are important in our lives.

It is where laughter and love bring us together, and where friendships are forged. It is in those moments where we feel safe. We are seen. We are heard. We are valued.

At Coles our 130,000 team members and our millions of customers come from all walks of life, and every age group. We embrace this diversity – the backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that set us all apart, but which also make for rich conversation and connection. Just as we have for over a century, we are making Coles a place where everyone feels respected for who they are and that they belong.

No matter how you identify, who you love or where you’re from, you are always welcome at our table.

We haven’t come out of nowhere in our support for LGBTQI+ inclusion. This has been a focus area of our Better Together strategy since 2018 and over time we have built a strong state based Pride network who participate in many Pride related events around the country.

Our support of LGBTQI+ community isn’t limited to WorldPride, we are proud sponsors of numerous pride festivals and not for profit community organisations.

In 2019, we proudly introduced rainbow stickers for team name badges so all team members could feel accepted for who they are in the workplace. The initiative has been incredibly impactful for our team members and customers alike; highlighting Coles' commitment to welcoming everyone at our table. 

In 2022, we completed the rollout of Welcome Here, ACON’s program that creates and promotes business that are welcoming of LGBTQI+ people. At over 2,500 stores and sites, we are proud to have the largest corporate footprint in Welcome Here.

All our People policies are gender neutral and inclusive of all families, no matter how you define your family and in 2022 we proudly introduced paid gender affirmation leave.

We are proud that since 2021 we have been recognised as a Gold Employer at the Australian Workplace Equality Awards.

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We're proud of our team members and their stories

Tyler Shaw a.k.a. MisTy DelRay

He / Him - Coles Store Manager (Tasmania)

Tyler is passionate about empowering others to be true to who they are without fear. His alter ego MisTy DelRay led our team float in the Sydney mardi Gras Parade.
 Learn more about his story below and be sure to follow him on Instagram.

Misty DelRay

"Pride can be shown in so many different ways. We are all unique individuals, and pride can mean something different to all of us. For me, Pride means using the privilege to be who I am to empower those whose voices aren’t heard loudly, and ensure that people of all genders and orientations feel that they are able to be themselves and take on any aspects of life without a fear of prejudice.

"I spent my whole childhood growing up in an environment where the LGBTQIA+ community wasn’t known of, nor ever spoken about. It wasn’t until I joined the workforce that I realised I wasn’t alone, and where I finally understood who I was and where I belonged in life."

Misty delRay
Tyler with a hair net

Meet more of our team members

Natasha Sellen

(She/Her) Coles Store Support Centre

"Pride has always been part of my identity. Being a teenager in the 90s I saw a revolution of acceptance for family members and always an understanding that being different was ok. When it came time for me to work this out for myself, I had less resistance to being proud of who I am and how I identify in the LGBTQIA+ community."

Kaleb Gigney


"I have always been struck at how traditional cultures around the world accommodate differences and I think we could all learn from these expressions of inclusivity. Welcoming someone to your table means coming together to learn what has worked for inclusion in diverse communities and trying to apply that to our current situation."


Bindee Davis

(She/Her) Coles Supermarkets

"I wear my pride colours every time I’m at work and I want to show my boys how to embrace your identity and be proud of yourself in everything you do. My table is accepting of everything and non-judgemental. It will be the dinner party of the year and talk of the country!"


Recent pictures taken at pride events

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