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We feed the good in every day.

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The Coles Good Yums range brings a balance of wholseome goodness and yummy yums to every MUNCH, CRUNCH and SLURP! Every product comes with a Goodness Promise, and has no artificial colours or flavours. Look out for the nutrition benefits to help fuel a healthy day on the front of every pack.
Good Yums range

Coles Good Yums granola

Coles Good Yums granolas are made with wholegrain oats, a good source of fibre which helps aid digestion for happy bellies! *Honey Granola available in select stores only.

Coles good yums range

Coles Good Yums no added sugar yogurts

Coles Good Yums yogurt pouches have no added sugar, and are perfect for  lunchboxes or for a snack on the go. It's a YUMMY way to fuel a monster day!

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Good Yums maze activity.

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