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Shop Savvy. Shop Simply.

Our range of household staples is hard to miss and simply get the job done.

Shop Coles Simply


Whether you need to stock up on your staples, or grab just a few ingredients to make a quick pasta, our Coles Simply products fit the bill and will give your pantry a lovely golden glow from the inside.

Coles simply pantry ingredients (spaghetti, sauce, choc chips, and penne)
coles simply fresh ingredients (burger buns, sausages, butter)

Fresh & Fridge 

The best thing about Coles Simply products is how simply we do the simple things. Butter is butter, Unsalted Butter is like the other butter but without salt, and our Coles Simply Thin BBQ Sausages will have you reminiscing of school fetes and backyard barbies.

Around the House

All our products have been tried, tested and given the thumbs up by savvy shoppers, from containers to cat litter, to cleaning products. Pretty much everything you need for the third draw down and under the kitchen and laundry sinks.

coles simply products (cat litter, containers, scrub buds)
coles simply freezer ingredients (ice cream, frozen lasagne)


You can shop savvy on frozen products too. Our Coles Simply Beef Patties are simply beef burger patties, and our Coles Simply Vanilla flavoured frozen dessert..well, you get the picture by now. 

Coles Simply recipe inspiration