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Feel good baby care

Feel good baby care

We're here to help you protect and care for your little CUB as they play, learn and grow. We know looking after your little cub Is both rewarding and challenging, so we've created the CUB baby & toddler range to help parents focus on what's most important. 

Every CUB product is carefully developed, made with high quality ingredients and materials and most importantly rigorously tested. So from super-comfy reliable nappies, to nutritious baby foods and baby-safe accessories, you and your little cub can count on our entire range. 

CUB product range

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CANSTAR most satisfied customers disposable nappies 2023
CUB nappies range

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What our customers say about CUB

CUB Nappies

Great value for money

Ash - Review from "Bounty"

What makes me happy as a mum is that they're affordable price and quality is not compromised for bub.

CUB Wipes

My weekly buy   

Shan - Review from "Bounty"

I buy these every week. Never had an issue with them they are strong and come in different sized packs so you don't have to carry around bulky packs.

CUB product

I'm sold!

Riannon - Review from "Mum's Grapevine" 

#MyCheekyCUB is loving her CUB nappies! No leaks day or night. They're soft, have a wetness indicator for easy checks and fit my little cub's toosh perfectly! I'm sold!