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Slow Hills

A specialty breed with a full and succulent flavour.

Slow Hills chicken is a special breed of chicken that matures for longer on free range farms. Our Slow Hills chickens are free range, raised without antibiotics and raised to the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme Standards.

Premium, specialty chicken

Like most things in life, we believe a little extra time can make a real difference. That’s why our chickens mature for longer on free range farms for a full and succulent flavour. We hope you enjoy this delicious new chicken brought to you by Coles and while you do, take time to savour the taste.


Slow Hills introduces a new special breed of chicken to Australia from the poultry genetics company Hubbard based in France.

A cut above

Such a special breed brings with it various delicious specialty cuts, like those found at your local butchers, including skin on thigh fillets. You’ll find plenty of options at Coles to create a dish perfect for any occasion.