Christmas cracker terms and conditions


1. The Coles Virtual Christmas Cracker is an augmented reality gamification experience which mimics the act of cracking a Christmas bon bon/cracker. There is an animated joke and augmented reality filter using the user’s mobile device.

2. This Christmas cracker is designed for two players


Secondbite Donation

3. The $100, 000 donation to SecondBite is funded by Coles and will be donated at the amount obtained during the usage period. Conditions:

(a) The final donation amount from Coles to Secondbite is capped at $100, 000.

(b) Active dates 08/12/2021 until 04/01/2022

(c) There can be multiple cracks from one or more persons – there is no repeat limit.


Personal information

4. An email or mobile is needed to enable this platform to invite your family member or friend to grab the other end of the virtual cracker. Coles does not store or hold this personal information for any purpose other than to facilitate this virtual invitation.

5. Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here: or 1800 061 562