Curtis Stone's favourite Christmas menu

We asked Curtis to choose his favourite Christmas menu ever. And the winning dishes are…


Smoked salmon carpaccio 

“This dish is so simple, elegant and can be prepared ahead. I love starting a meal with a light and bright seafood dish.”


Roast pork with crackling 

“My go-to Christmas roast! Nothing beats juicy pork with the perfect crackle – and today is the day you are officially allowed to load up your plate with crispy pork crackle!” 


Peach and quinoa salad 

“This is a creative way to use seasonal fruit in a salad. It’s loaded with fresh peaches, plus it can be made ahead.”  


Balsamic cherry sauce 

“The tangy, savoury flavour of this sauce and silky elegant texture makes the perfect accompaniment to the rich pork roast.”


Ultimate roasted potatoes

“I reckon it would be illegal not to serve roast potatoes with a roast!” 


Christmas ice-cream pudding  

“No heating required! An easy convenient take on a traditional Christmas pudding perfect for our Aussie Summer.” 

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