Hello Little Treehouse fan!

We’re looking for the most wonderfully wild and wacky books!
Write and illustrate your own little book for a chance to win some great prizes - judged by Andy. 

The top 100 entries will WIN!

The top 1-5 entries  will win a $1,000 Gift Card, 1,000 books for their school, and a bespoke edition of a Treehouse book with an image of YOU on the cover! 

But don't worry, the other top 95 entries will snag up a handy $100 Gift Card and 100 books for their school.

Plus with every entry, Coles will donate a book to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation!

The top 5 entries WIN a bespoke Treehouse book with YOU drawn on the cover by Terry Denton!

Top 100 entries WIN a gift voucher

Top 100 entries WIN books for their school

Submit your story by the 30th of August

Download and fill in this entry form and email or post in your story. It is optional to use the mini book template in the entry form. Limit of one entry per person. Open to Australian residents 3-18 years of age. A signed consent form must be submitted for participants under 18. View Terms & Conditions

Email your story to


Post your story to

The Little Treehouse team, L2M12
800 Toorak Road, Hawthorn East, VIC 3123

Andy's helpful tips on getting started with writing

We asked Andy for some tips on how to get started creating your own story. 

We even have some of the Treehouse characters for you to download just to get your creative juices flowing. 

Let's get writing those wonderfully wild and wacky books!

Feel free to exaggerate

Your book can be completely true, completely made-up or  a combination of true AND made-up. You might like to start by basing your story on something that’s happened to you or somebody you know. Feel free to exaggerate and to change the facts as much as you like in order to make the most entertaining book possible.

Spit and polish

When you have an idea or a story that you like, rewrite it to make it as clear as possible so that your reader will be able to enjoy reading it as much as you enjoyed writing it. Read your story aloud—either to yourself or to others. It’s a great way of finding out where it’s working and where it needs work.

Have fun!

It’s okay to be messy, especially on your early drafts—you can tidy it all up later. At the beginning just concentrate on having fun with your writing and drawing and see what ideas emerge.  Your book can be all words, all pictures or a combination of words AND pictures.

Whats a little book without a few little illustrations?

Download this printable PDF of some of Terry’s characters and illustrations, you can use these to help bring your story to life!

Of course you can always draw them yourself too, let your imagination run wild.

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