Frequently asked questions

Shell Coles Express App

The Coles Express App is a Payment tool that is designed to make your fuel experience at Coles Express simpler, faster & more convenient. 

The Coles Express App has a number of useful tools. These include; 

• Viewing Monthly Specials from Coles Express

• Locating your nearest local Coles Express Stores and details

• Ability to pay for your fuel via the app (Pay at Pump)

You can download the App on both the Google Play store and Apple App Store. 

Link to App Store

Link to Play Store

No, The Coles Express App is not compatible with tablets & iPads. This is only a mobile app friendly application. However, the app has landscape view which is very helpful with viewing. 

The Coles Express App will work on most mobile devices provided they are running  iOS 14 or newer, or Android 8 (Oreo) or newer.

Yes the Coles Express App is free to download, however please keep in mind you are responsible for any data charges you may incur from your mobile service provider. 

While you do not need to have a Coles Account to use the Coles Express App, we do recommend you sign up to ensure you get the most out of your experience. Creating an account in the Coles Express App is free.

The Coles Express App will collect your name, email address & selected Coles Express store. For further details about the Coles Group Privacy policy please go to the Privacy Policy.

The Shell Coles Express App will only cover the over 700 Shell Coles Express sites around Australia and will not work for the Shell Dealer sites around Australia.

Your feedback will help us to continually improve the app & introduce features that will make your fuel experience easier. Please email your feedback to 

To pay for fuel using your Shell Card we have created a separate app to service the Shell Card called the Shell Card Go App. You can download either version of that app by clicking on one of the links below:

Shell Card Go - iOS App

Shell Card Go - Android App

App Store Locator

You can select your local store on the home screen. Look for the Store Locator tile. You can select which store is closest to you or manally search a store from there. Selecting your local Coles Express store as default in the Coles Express App means that you will always been shown the proximity to your local store on the app.

If you decide to find another store, there are 2 ways: 

1) You can give permission to the app to find your closest location, enable precise location (iphone users) and this will allow the app to present a list of stores closest to you (we recommend this method). 

2) You can manually search a store by "suburb or postcode" this will list out all the stores, you can select the store that you prefer and select default if you want that store to be your "local" store.

You can select your local store in the Main page of your app, click on the store tile, it will show you:

- Store Address

- Store Contact Details

- Store Available Services 

- Store Fuel Available

Shell Coles Express App can only be used to pay at pump at a limited range of stores currently. But, you can use the Shell Coles Express App Store Locator to find the nearest store that has pay at the pump enabled.

Pay at the Pump

Pay at Pump is a feature that allows our customer to pay for their fuel in the app and you won't need to go into store to pay for your fuel.

You need to complete the following steps to use this feature:

1) You need to log in OR Sign up in the Coles Express App

2) Click on the Pay at Pump tile or Pay at Pump logo on the bottom of your screen

3) You will get a prompt to access your location, click "yes" to "Precise location" - this will allow the app to access your precise location.

4) Once you've pumped your fuel in the car remember your pump number, this number is located next to the bowser you used.

6) Then, jump in your car, open the app, click on the "Pay at Pump" feature. Press Next> Enter your Pump number > You will be shown your fuel amount $ and Fuel type> click pay > Enter your Card Details > Confirm payment and your done. 

7) You'll recieve a payment confirmation and reciept sent to the email you registered the Coles Account with.

That means, there is an unpaid transaction on that bowser. We recommend you go in the store to pay for that fuel.

Coles Express App only accepts AMEX, Mastercard, VISA and Diners Card.

In the unlikely event you pay for someone else’s fuel, you will still be required to go in-store to pay for any fuel you have pumped into your own vehicle.

To arrange a refund, you will need to call our customer cares team on: 1800 656 055

Yes you can, go to "More" screen (bottom right), go to "payment method" to change your card or you can select a previous card you have used in Pay at Pump Page

Has the card been activated? If so, please try again or feel free to pay in store.

Your receipts are emailed to you at the time of the transaction in the form of a tax invoice.

As the Coles Express app is new, our team is working hard to enable that capability. We will be introducing it in the near future. If you would like to use your 4c docket, we recommend you go into store to pay for your fuel.

As the Coles Express app is new, our team is working hard to enable that capability. We will be introducing those capabilities in the near future. If you would like to use your discounts, we recommend you go into store to pay for your fuel.

We recommend you pay for your fuel immediately as you have approx 10 mins to pay for your fuel as you will be blocking the bowzer for other customers and the store staff will flag it as not paid which will require police involvement.

When you add a new payment method in order to verify the card we charge $1 to ensure that the Payment method is valid. This authorisation charge will be refunded back to you by your card provider so follow up with your payment provider.

App Offers

Yes, you can view monthly offers in the app. The offers are updated every month and are national offers to all Coles Express Stores.

No, you can only view the monthly offer in the app. The offers page in the app will be updated every month. 

App Account Management

It doesn’t happen often but sometimes there might be a technical glitch. Try signing out of the app and back in again to see if this fixes the error. If not, there may be a system or account error so we’ll need your details to look into this. You can get in touch with us by using the contact us form.

If you need to update your personal details, you can log into your CCP profile > More screen and update your account profile 

We're sorry to see you go! But if you insist, you can go to your account and request a deletion of your account.

Yes, you can. But due to security reasons, we recommend you don't as all your private information is available in your account.

You will need to come into the store and pay at the counter. The team member in the store should be able to advise whether or not the transaction has gone through and if there is any doubt you can pay in the store and ask for a refund by calling our customer cares team on: 1800 061 562.

Feel free to contact our customer cares team on 1800 656 055 or send us an email on: . We will address the issue as soon as we can.