10 tips to save you fuel

Shell Coles Express Forecourt with fuels pump and canopy and the Coles Express store in the background and the fuel price board on the right of the image

We have created a 10 step guide to help you make the most of your fuel! 

Fuel Tips

  1. Drive smoothly avoiding heavy acceleration or braking.
  2. Change up to a higher gear as early as possible as you accelerate.
  3. Keep your engine well tuned, check your oil and fix any problems immediately.
  4. Make sure your tyres are at the correct pressure and not under or over inflated.
  5. Keep your boot or back seat clear of unnecessary items that just add weight.
  6. If you're not using your roof rack or roof box then take it off.
  7. Keep your windows closed, especially if you're driving at higher speeds.
  8. Always use the recommended grade of oil in your engine.
  9. Use cruise control on major roads and in free flowing traffic.
  10. Avoid excessive idling as it burns fuel and gets you nowhere.