Gas Bottle Refill

SWAP'n'GO Gas Bottle Refill Service

Discover the ultimate convenience of our SWAP'n'GO gas bottle refill service at selected Coles Express stores. Never worry about refills again! Swap or purchase your gas bottles for BBQs, camping, outdoor heaters and more.

BBQ Gas Bottle Sizes

We have two barbecue gas bottle refill sizes available – 9kg gas bottles and 4kg gas bottle refill. Both gas bottle refill sizes are suitable for your BBQ, patio heater, caravan and camping fuel requirements. Choose the gas bottle refill size that suits you and enjoy the convenience of a reliable and readily available gas supply. Whether it's the versatility of the 9kg gas bottle refill or the compact nature of the 4kg gas bottle refill, Coles Express has you covered for all your outdoor cooking and leisure needs.

9kg Gas Bottle Refill 

Our 9kg gas bottles refills are designed to provide you with a reliable and efficient gas supply for various applications – ideal for BBQs, heaters, camping, and caravanning.

4kg Gas Bottle Refill 

Our 4kg gas bottles refills are designed for those who require a more compact and portable gas solution – ideal for more convenient and compact gas bottles for smaller BBQs and portable appliances. Moreover, this gas refill is easy to handle, carry and transport.

How the gas bottle exchange service works

Here's how our gas bottle refill service works:
  1. Bring your empty BBQ gas bottle or purchase a new gas bottle from your nearest Coles Express store.
  2. Let our friendly Coles Express staff know that you need to exchange your gas bottle or purchase a new gas bottle, pay and collect the keys.
  3. Unlock the gas cage unit located outside the store and swap 'n' go your empty gas bottle for a new one or pick up your new gas bottle. Make sure the full gas bottle you take has the yellow SWAP’n’GO® seal around the neck so you know that it has been checked for safety.
  4. Return the keys to the service desk.
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