SodaStream Gas Refills & Exchange

At Coles Express you can easily exchange your SodaStream gas cylinders. Simply bring your empty SodaStream bottle in your closest Coles Express store to exchange it for a full one or purchase additional spare cylinders, so you don’t have to worry about SodaStream refills for a while.

Exchange your SodaStream CO2 Cylinder

When your CO2 SodaStream cylinder runs out of gas simply bring your empty to any Coles Express store and exchange it for a full cylinder at just $19.00. It's that easy!

exchange of blue sodastream spare cylinders
blue sodastream cylinder

Purchase a Spare SodaStream CO2 Cylinder for $35.00

Keep a Spare 60 Litre SodaStream Cylinder on hand so you always have an abundance of sparkling water while you are exchanging your empty gas cylinder.

Pink and Blue SodaStream Cylinders

Available from all Coles Express stores, we provide a choice between pink and blue cylinders. These cater to your specific SodaStream gas refill and exchange needs. If you have one of the more recent SodaStream models, the pink cylinders are the perfect fit. For those with standard SodaStream models, the blue cylinders are the ideal choice. We're committed to ensuring your SodaStream experience is both convenient and tailored to your preferences.

pink and blue sodastream spare cylinders

Get your SodaStream Refill in 4 easy steps

1. Take your empty SodaStream bottle to your nearest Coles Express store
2. Let our friendly Coles Express staff at the service desk know that you need to exchange your SodaStream gas cylinder, pay and collect the keys.
3. Unlock the SodaStream unit located outside the store and swap your empty cylinder for a full one with a blue wrap.
4. Return the keys to the service desk.

blue sodastream gas refill

Frequently Asked Questions

A SodaStream refill at Coles Express costs $19.

A spare SodaStream cylinder at Coles express costs $35.

Your carbonating cylinder will, on average, make up to 60L of sparkling water.

SodaStream refills are available at every Coles Express store throughout Australia. Find your nearest Coles Express store now.