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Coles Finest makes premium, quality products from the world's best locations available and accessible to Coles customers every day.

Coles Finest delivers delicious food experiences to be enjoyed both every day and as a special treat. 

Coles Finest butter chicken, bread, chocolate hazelnut mousse, caramalised onion, garlic and parsley sausage, mayple syrup, quince paste and caramel and sea salt chocolate

Product of the Year 2021 award winners

Our decadent Coles Finest Chocolate & Hazelnut Mirror Glaze Mousse 2 pack is made from layers of Belgian chocolate mousse and hazelnut fuilletine, with a glossy finish. The perfect Patisserie quality dessert to serve up when entertaining.

Coles Finest Traditional Recipe Croissants are crafted in France using the finest Euorpean Butter and left to rest to create a delicious, rich, flaky pastry. Available in selected stores only.

*Winners of Bakery and Dessert – Cakes & Pies Categories. Survey of 8,000 people by Nielsen.

Voted product of the year consumer survey of product innovation 2021
Coles Finest Chocolate and Hazelnut mousse on a cake stand
Voted product of the year consumer survey of product innovation 2021
Coles Finest croissants with fresh berries on the side and a cup of coffee beside the plate

Coles Finest Certified Carbon Neutral Beef

Coles Finest cattle are raised for quality with no added hormones, and with only the highest grades of meat selected for exceptional eating quality.

We have partnered with specially selected Australian farmers to bring you our Coles Finest Certified Carbon Neutral Beef, with selected Coles Finest Roasting and Steak products now certified as carbon neutral against the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for Products & Services.

Together, we are reducing the carbon footprint of these products through best practice farming and investment in emission reduction initiatives. Coles will offset remaining emissions associated with the production and transport of these products from farm to store with carbon credits.

Just look for the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Logo on participating products.

For more information, please read the Climate Active Public Disclosure Statement here.

Climate Active Carbon Neutral Product Rondel
Coles Finest steak

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Reuben sandwich

This classic pastrami and Swiss cheese sandwich is made with toasted sourdough and slaw for a super easy dinner or substantial lunch. 

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