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Coles is actively working to reduce waste and landfill through a variety of initiatives, including developing packaging that is recyclable and finding alternative uses for our waste.

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Coles bottled spring water

Coles is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant, which sets sustainable packaging guidelines, such as reducing the weight of products and using recycled materials where possible. Coles Brand natural spring water bottles are now made from recycled plastic. Based on current volumes this recycled plastic helps us save 1.9 million kgs of virgin plastic a year.

Plantic Meat Trays

In 2014, Coles adopted the Plantic eco Plastic™ R for packaging Coles Brand fresh beef, pork and lamb mince. The packs combine the use of renewable corn and recyclable plastic material to deliver a meat pack that is suitable to go in your recycling bin at home. The packaging has enormous environmental benefits and it’s not only renewable and recyclable - it also takes around half of the energy required to produce compared to traditional fossil fuel plastics. The Plantic meat trays are now being used for more than 50 million meat packs sold at Coles each year.

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In-store Recycling

Our main sources of waste are food, cardboard and plastic in our supermarkets and for all these we have recycling and waste diversion programs. In 2016, we initiated a program to covert more than 3000 tonnes of organic material to energy. We also increased our total food donations by 50 per cent to more than 7.8 million kilograms via our partnership with SecondBite and Foodbank.

Recycling for Customers

The REDcycle Program is a supermarket-based recycling program that invites consumers to gather together all their empty bread, cereal and frozen food bags, plastic and reusable shopping bags and other flexible plastic packaging and take them to their nearest Coles drop off point. The collected soft plastic material is delivered to our manufacturing partner Replas to be turned into outdoor furniture for Aussie primary schools and pre-schools. In 2016, our customers returned more than 299 tonnes of plastic to our stores to be recycled.

Watch this video to see the REDcycle Program in action, and learn how you can get involved.

To responsibly dispose of the soft plastic packaging you bring home each time you shop, simply bring it back to any of our 500 stores that participate in the REDcycle plastic bag and packaging program.

REDcycle locations

Recycling bin

Reusable Bags

In an effort to help reduce the number of single-use plastic bags, we encourage our customers to use reusable bags when they shop at Coles. We offer a range of bag options in our stores for our customers to purchase. We encourage customers to bring reusable bags in stores, and when those bags reach the end of their lives they can be recycled at Coles.

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