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Aussie farmers

Australian first sourcing

As an Australian company, we are keen to support other Australian businesses to deliver great quality local products to our customers. To do this, we pride ourselves on having an Australian First Sourcing Policy, which means that we source Australian grown food wherever and whenever we can.

Australia produces the best food in the world, so we work hard to source as much as possible from local growers around the country. In fact, 96% of our fresh produce and 100% of our fresh lamb, pork, chicken, beef, milk and eggs are Australian sourced.

Sometimes we have to import produce from overseas, for example when:

  • The product isn't grown in Australia (eg. drinking coconuts)
  • The product is not in season and there is a customer demand (eg. cherries)
  • Supply is limited during parts of the year (eg. blueberries)

For our Coles Brand packaged food and drink products, we set ourselves the aim of sourcing from Australian farmers, growers and manufacturers. For our non-food products, we are committed to investigating whether a local manufacturer can be used where the product is grown or made in Australia, meets required safety and quality standards, is available in sufficient supply and is affordable for our customers. Customers can easily find out about the country of origin of our Coles Brand products by looking at the ticket or label, or the links below: