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Coles Instalment Plans

Payment options to help manage your finances¹

Whether it’s organising or paying off a holiday, planning a wedding or just fixing up the house, Instalment Plans help to give you more time to pay off your purchases at a lower interest rate.  

It lets you split your purchases into smaller monthly instalments, over a set term that works for you. 


You can access Coles Instalment Plans in a few simple clicks.


No early repayment fees. Pay the instalment plan back as quickly as you like, with no penalty.


Budget better with fixed monthly repayments on the amount you convert. 

Find a plan to suit you

Cash Instalments

Turn your credit into cash by accessing from $500 up to 90% of your available credit. 

Whether it’s tackling an online training course or paying for some overdue home improvements, now you can make it happen.

Statement Instalments

Convert retail purchases included in the closing balance from your last statement. 

Turn some or all of your eligible purchases into monthly repayments to easily manage your credit balance. A minimum conversion of $500 applies.

Transaction Instalments

Convert retail purchases of $50 or more that are yet to appear on your statement. 

Kit out your new home gym or freshen up the décor - however you treat yourself, convert those purchases into simple monthly repayments. 

Instalment plan offers are subject to eligibility. Terms and conditions apply.

Ready to set up an Instalment Plan?

 1300 066 985

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm AEST

If eligible, we can process your request over the phone and your plan will be set up straight away.

Most commonly asked questions

Terms and conditions

1An Instalment Plan is also called a Fixed Payment Option or FPO. Fixed Payment Option offers are subject to eligibility and only available if your Account is and remains in good standing (for example – your account is not in default, suspended or closed). Your Fixed Payment Option uses part of your existing Credit Limit. As you pay off your Fixed Payment Option, the amount you pay off will become available for you to use again as part of your Available Credit at the applicable Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Retail Purchases. A fee may apply to set up a Fixed Payment Option.

During the Cycle in which a Fixed Payment Option is set up, you will be charged an initial interest charge which will be included in the Minimum Payment Due on your next statement (not applicable if the Fixed Payment Option APR is 0%). Subsequent statements will include an instalment for each month of the term.

While you have a Fixed Payment Option, payments will be applied to your initial interest charge or instalment or FPO fee or related interest due or overdue in that period before all other balances, even if they attract a higher rate of interest. If you fail to pay the minimum payment due or any other amount by its payment due date, we charge interest on any unpaid instalment, FPO fee or initial interest charge component (and any interest calculated on any of them, and any interest on that interest) from the day after the payment due date. It will be calculated using the daily retail rate and the daily calculation method until they are repaid in full. We may also cancel the FPO. We will tell you if an FPO amount is overdue before we cancel the FPO.

If your Fixed Payment Option is cancelled, the outstanding balance of your Fixed Payment Option will revert to the applicable APR for Retail Purchases for Transaction Instalment Plans and Statement Instalment Plans and the applicable APR for Cash Advances for Cash Instalment Plans.

For the full Terms and Conditions that apply to Fixed Payment Options, please refer to the Coles Mastercard Terms and Conditions and Other Important Information found at