Coles Instalment Plans

Payment options to help manage your finances¹

Whether it’s organising or paying off a holiday, planning a wedding or just fixing up the house, Instalment Plans help to give you more time to pay off your purchases at a lower interest rate.  

It lets you split your purchases into smaller monthly instalments, over a set term that works for you. 


You can access Coles Instalment Plans without going through another credit check.


No early repayment fees. Pay the instalment plan back as quickly as you like, with no penalty.


Budget better with fixed monthly repayments on the amount you convert. 

Find a plan to suit you


Cash Instalments

Turn your credit into cash by accessing from $500 up to 90% of your available credit limit. 

Whether it’s tackling an online training course or paying for some overdue home improvements, now you can make it happen.


Statement Instalments

Convert retail purchases straight away included in the closing balance from your last statement. 

Turn some or all of your eligible purchases into monthly repayments to easily manage your credit balance. A minimum conversion of $500 applies.


Transaction Instalments

Convert retail purchases straightaway of $50 or more that is yet to appear on your statement.

Kit out your new home gym or freshen up the décor - however you treat yourself, convert those purchases into simple monthly repayments. 

Instalment plan offers are subject to eligibility. Terms and conditions apply.

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Most commonly asked questions

We offer different types of Instalment Plans, that let you split your transactions, cash withdrawals and retail purchases into smaller monthly instalments, over a set term that works for you.

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You can choose between:

  • Cash Instalment Plans, which let you withdraw cash and deposit it in your bank account
  • Transaction Instalment Plans, that allow you to convert purchases already on your credit card
  • Statement Instalment Plans convert the Retail Purchases on your most recent statement

This depends on the type of Instalment Plan you are interested in:

  • For Cash Instalment Plans the minimum is $500 and the maximum amount is up to 90% of your available credit limit.
  • For Transaction Instalment Plans, the minimum is $50.
  • For Statement Instalment Plans the minimum is $500 and maximum is up to your total statement balance.

Yes, you can have more than one Instalment Plan on your account as long as the total amount of all plans does not exceed 90% of your credit limit. However, you can only set up one Statement Instalment Plan per Statement Period.

Yes, the Coles Instalment Plan uses part of your existing credit limit. Every time you make a repayment, the amount paid becomes available again.

You may still be eligible if you pay the closing balance on your statement by the Payment Due Date each month (excluding any Instalment Plan balance which isn’t due for payment by that Payment Due Date). 

During the cycle in which the Instalment Plan is set up, you will be charged an initial interest amount which will be included in the Minimum Payment Due on your next statement (not applicable if your Instalment Plan Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 0%). Subsequent statements will include an instalment for each month of the term.

Your Instalment Plan repayment appears on your monthly statement and is included in your Minimum Payment Due. You pay it in the same way you make a regular payment, with the ways you can do this shown on your monthly statement.

Yes, you may. If you’d like to make an additional repayment on your Instalment Plan, please contact us on 1300 306 397 and allow up to two working days for us to process your request. Once you receive a confirmation from us, you can make an additional repayment to your Coles Instalment Plan.

Yes, you may be able to change it to a shorter or longer term. To enquire about a change, please call us on 1300 306 397.

Yes, you can pay off your Coles Instalment Plan any time, without early repayment fees. Please call us on 1300 306 397 to arrange this.

No, Instalment Plans do not collect Flybuys Points.

Terms & conditions

1A Coles Instalment Plan is subject to eligibility and only available if Your Account is and remains in good standing. Your Coles Instalment Plan uses part of your existing Credit Limit. As you pay off your Coles Instalment Plan, the amount you pay off will become available for you to use again as part of your Credit Limit at the standard Annual Percentage Rate (APR) applicable to your Account. 

If Your Coles Instalment Plan(s) are cancelled, the full outstanding balance of Your instalment plan(s) will also revert to:
i. the Retail Purchase rate for transaction instalment plans and statement instalment plans and
ii. the Cash Advance rate for Coles cash instalment plans.

If You make a payment which exceeds the Minimum Payment Due plus any Overdue and Overlimit Amount:

  • the excess amount will be applied first to pay the balance of Your Account excluding any Main Instalment Plan Balance; and
  • any further excess will be applied to pay the main Instalment Plan balance(s) (which results in an Extra Payment); and
  • where there are multiple Coles Instalment Plans, unless You otherwise direct, We will apply Extra Payments to Coles Instalment Plans in the order of Instalment Plan APR (first to the Instalment Plan(s) with a higher APR), and if more than one has the same Coles Instalment APR first to the Coles Instalment that is set up earlier.

During the cycle in which the Coles Instalment Plan is set up, you will be charged an initial interest charge on the main Coles Instalment Plan balance. Subsequent cycles will have an instalment for each month of the term. Interest will be charged on Instalment Plan from when the Coles Instalment Plan is created until it is cancelled or repaid in full.

If, you fail to pay the minimum payment due and any Overdue and Overlimit amount by their payment due date, interest at the retail APR will be charged on any unpaid instalment or initial interest charge component (and any interest calculated on them). We may also cancel the Coles Instalment Plan. If your Instalment Plan is cancelled, any main Instalment Plan balance will revert to the underlying balance type and the APR and interest.