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Coles radio

Listen online

If you love listening to Coles Radio in store, you can now listen via iTunes or Windows Media Player.

A contemporary music mix with some great favourites.

Can’t stream online? You can also listen to Coles Radio via the DAB+ digital radio.

Coles Radio

To listen via Windows Media or other MP3 players select your state below:

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To make a complaint you must send your complaint to us via this form (below) or write to us by letter. Please check the station website for the postal address if you wish to send your complaint by post.

Please note that this form is to be used only for complaints made under the Commercial Radio Code of Practice (Code). A copy of the Code is available at

The Code provides a process through which a listener may make a formal complaint to a station asserting a breach of the Code. The complaints process is set out in section 10 of the Code.

A complainant who is not satisfied with the response it receives from the station may refer the matter to the Australian Communications and Media Authority for resolution.

Under the Code, complaints relating to advertising, other than complaints under section 4 (identifiability of advertising material) and section 9 (gambling and betting odds), should be sent to the Advertising Standards Bureau -

Coles Radio Complaints form

Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory
Is your complaint about an advertisement other than a complaint under section 4 (identifiability of advertising material) or section 9 (gambling and betting odds) of the Code? Please select Yes/No

If Yes, your complaint should be made to the Advertising Standards Bureau -

Do you assert that the station has broadcast matter which breaches the Code? Please select Yes/No
Code provision (if known)
Please enter name
Email Address
Please enter Street Address/P.O Box
Please enter Town / Suburb / City
Please enter state
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Telephone Number
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Please enter radio station
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Please enter date of broadcast
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Time of broadcast
Did you hear the broadcast? Please select Yes/No
Are you making a complaint relating to privacy (provision 3.3 of the Code)? Please select Yes/No
How did you hear it? Please select an option
If Other Please Enter
Please provide a description of the material which you are complaining about below (minimum 25 words)
Lodging this form, you are commencing a formal complaint under the Code. Do you confirm that all contact and broadcast information provided in this form is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge?