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Helping you shop

From specially designed trolleys to home delivery, we’re making it easier for everyone to shop at Coles.


Carry to car service

Our team members are on hand in every Coles store to help carry your groceries if you need. Please ask for assistance at the Customer Service Desk.

Choice of payment methods

To make paying at the checkout as easy as possible we gladly accept:

  • Cash
  • Coles MasterCard
  • Coles Group Card
  • Credit cards include Visa, Master Card, Diners Club and American Express
  • Coles and Coles Group & Myer Gift Cards
  • Selected shopping centre vouchers
  • Traveller’s and Personal Cheques (provided with valid identification)

Customer accounts

Individuals and companies can apply for a customer account at their local store. Once approved, you can buy all your groceries on credit just by using your customer account.  Eligibility and creditworthiness conditions apply.

Coles Customer Account-holders enjoy:

  • Flexibility of shopping at any Coles store
  • Ability to monitor and control expenses
  • Up to 45 days payment free

For more information, or to apply for a Customer Account, please ask for assistance at the Customer Service Desk of your local store, call our Customer Care Centre on 1300 651 425 

Facilities for our elderly and disabled customers

To make shopping at Coles easier for everyone, we have special wheelchair/mobility trolleys in most of our stores. We also have wheelchair access and wider aisles.

For more information, please ask for assistance at the Customer Service Desk or call your local store.

Find your nearest store

Parcel pick up

Pick up your groceries at your convenience.

For more information or availability, chat to our team at the Customer Service Desk.

Refunds, returns and exchanges

If you’re not happy with something you’ve bought or you’ve simply picked up the wrong item, please ask for assistance from our Customer Service Desk team.

On our Coles branded products our promise is to provide you with high quality products to enjoy every day. If you are not 100% satisfied, let us know and we’ll happily give you a full refund or replacement - that’s a guarantee you can count on.

Specialty trolleys

Most stores have a selection of specialty trolleys available for your convenience. These include baby capsule, twin and twin toddler trolleys as well as trolleys for those with limited mobility. If these trolleys are not available, please speak to the team at the Customer Service Desk. Please note that some of our smaller CBD stores cannot accommodate all trolleys.

Our Promise on Price Scanning

All Coles Supermarkets apply ‘Our Promise on Price Scanning’ to ensure confidence in the pricing accuracy at our registers. 

Our Promise on Price Scanning includes:

  • All scanned merchandise in the store with a barcode or a PLU (Price Look Up) number.

Our promise does not cover:

  • Items without a barcode or PLU
  • 3rd Party Gift Cards
  • Tobacco or Liquor products
  • Items over $50
  • When the wrong PLU number is entered
What is a scanning error?
A scanning error occurs when an item has been scanned, or the correct PLU (Price Look Up) number entered, and a price higher than the advertised or ticketed price displays at the checkout or on the receipt.
Single items
If a single item scans at a higher price than the advertised or ticketed shelf price for that item, we will give you that item FREE.

Multiple identical items
If multiple, identical items scan at higher price than the advertised or ticketed shelf price, we will give you the first item FREE, and the remaining items at the advertised or ticketed shelf price.
Other promotions
Multi Buy – i.e. 2 for $3 - first item FREE and the second item at the correct promotional price ($1.50 each).
Buy one, Get one Free/ Spend $30 – get %15 off – The promotion will be honoured; no free item will be offered.
Our Promise on Price Scanning goes above and beyond the requirements of the Australian Consumer Law which requires businesses to refund the difference between any overcharged amount and the correct price of the item.

Customer satisfaction is a number one priority for us. If a scanning issue is not resolved to your satisfaction at the store by the Store Manager or Supervisor, please contact Coles Customer Care on 1800 061 562 or send us your feedback via our feedback form