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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

The recipes we offer are 4 serves of an average meal, based on recommendations by the Coles Kitchen and/or Curtis Stone. Every family is different; your family might need bigger portions, which should mean you use more ingredients.

We work out the price per ingredient based on the actual portions used in the recipe, not the cost of the whole ingredient. For example, if the recipe requires half a cabbage, then the price will be based on half the cost of a cabbage, or if the recipe needs two spring onions out of a bunch of six spring onions, the recipe will show one third of the price of a bunch of spring onions. We recognise that if you were to buy all the required ingredients to prepare one of our feed your family for under $10 recipes, it may cost you more than $10 at the checkout. The cost of each recipe can be found on

Where produce is sold by the kilogram, the average weight of the product is calculated to determine cost. For example, one medium carrot weighs approximately 150g, so the cost will be that of 150g of carrots although these may vary in weight. If half a packet of pasta is required for a recipe, the cost calculated will be half the cost of one packet.

We assume that you already have a small number of items in your pantry, which we don’t include in the cost of the recipe. These are salt, pepper and oil.

The prices of ingredients are based on the highest national Coles in-store price (excluding Coles online and Coles Express) for each ingredient for the period stated. Ingredients such as fruit and vegetables may vary in price according to local availability and seasonal variation, but this will not take the cost of your recipe to $10 or more. Depending on the pricing in your store, you may pay less for an ingredient, but not more than the price used to calculate the recipe. In the case of events such as floods or fires, which are outside of our control, prices may be impacted.

If an ingredient is out of stock or otherwise unavailable, we would be happy to provide you with a substitute product (of our selection) at the same price.

 You can easily use alternatives or substitutes if your family has different tastes or you’d prefer to include more veggies or a different protein. However please remember any alternatives may affect the price of your meal. All nutritional information is available on or in the Coles Magazine, so you can make an informed choice about what you want to feed your family.