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Celebrating Halloween with Coles

Looking for some spooky inspiration? Get Halloween-ready with these recipes, carving stencils and great Halloween treat how-to’s.


Halloween pumpkins

Purchase a Jack-o-lantern pumpkin at Coles and download our pumpkin carving stencils below to help you get started on creating your very own Halloween pumpkin friend!


Print Our Halloween Stencil

Coles Magazine

Want a treat this Halloween? Take a few bought products and trick them up into deliciously spooky Halloween fright night bites.

Halloween Coles Mag Oct 2017

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Recipes below available in this month's coles magazine


Halloween Asparagus Fingers

Asparagus Fingers

Here’s a ghoulish way to eat your greens. Trim the bases of asparagus stems, then use a little spreadable cream cheese to attach flaked almonds to the tips to make fingernails. Serve with fake blood – a.k.a. tomato sauce.

Halloween Carrot Broomsticks

Carrot Broomstick

Watch these snacks fly off the plate to make the brush, cut peeled carrot into 3cm pieces, then cut each piece into 4 strips lengthways leaving 1 end intact. To make the stick, cut a hole in the intact end of the carrot. Insert a pretzel stick* Tie a chive around the carrot,

Halloween Pumpkin Oranges

Pumpkin Oranges

Trick Or treat? Fruit or veggie? Enjoy both with this fun idea. Use a knife to trim the base of oranges so they sit flat, then carefully remove the skin and white pith. Insert a small strip of celery into the top of each orange to make the pumpkin stalk.

Halloween Strawberry Mice

Strawberry Mice

Give someone a sweet scare with these fruity bites. Use dark chocolate writing icing to draw eyes and noses on strawberries. Insert flaked or silvered almonds for ears. Cut strawberry sour straps into strips for the tails.


Our growers

Coles is committed to supporting our suppliers so they can grow their business and continue to deliver great produce for our customers. Our suppliers grow Halloween pumpkins that are perfect for carving – meet them below!

Belinda Williams

Belinda Williams

Halloween pumpkin grower Bowen, QLD.

As a third generation grower, Belinda recognised the popularity of Halloween in the USA and decided to trial seeds of Halloween pumpkins here in Australia 17 years ago. Since then, she has seen Halloween become a big event for Aussies and now supplies Coles Supermarkets in excess of 280 tonnes of Halloween pumpkins per year. Based in Bowen QLD, Belinda and her mum, Pam, are dedicated to the art of pumpkin variety development and credit warm climate and long sunny days to their success when growing these ghoulish icons.

“My mother Pam and I have worked hard to develop both large Halloween pumpkin and Mini Jack pumpkin varieties so that Coles Supermarkets shoppers have choice in what will be the centrepiece of their Halloween celebrations,” Belinda says. The Mini Jack pumpkin is a smaller sized variety that’s perfect for kids’ parties and getting the little ones involved in decorating.

Russell Dredge

Halloween pumpkin grower in Ginmore, WA.

Our grower Russell ‘Rusty’ Dredge is based in Ginmore, approximately 20km north of Broome, WA.

Rusty has been growing Halloween pumpkins for the past seven  years. The warmer conditions in the north makes the region ideal for growing Halloween pumpkins during wintertime. Farms further south would not be able to produce these pumpkins during winter.

When he’s not growing Halloween pumpkins, Rusty farms cattle and runs the local butcher store in Broome.

Rusell Dredge
Ken Duncan

Ken Duncan

Halloween pumpkin grower in Ayr, QLD

Ken Duncan is based in Ayr which is approximately 80km outside of Townsville and forms part of the Burdekin Shire. Kenrose Farm is a family owned and operated farming business that was established over 26 years ago. He has been growing Halloween pumpkins since 2010 in collaboration with Belinda and Pam from Stakelroth Farm. When he is not growing Halloween pumpkin's Ken is busy growing Kent pumpkin, Butternut pumpkin, watermelon, specialty melons and sugar cane.

Halloween videos

How to Carve

How to carve a Halloween pumpkin:



How to Decorate

How to decorate Halloween pumpkins: