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How do I earn extra Flybuys points with Coles Plus?

You'll need to link Flybuys to your online Coles account to earn points with Coles Plus, and scan your Flybuys card when you shop in-store.

Follow these steps to link Flybuys to your online Coles account. 

Step 1: Log in to Coles

Step 2: Go to your account

Step 3: Jump to the Flybuys area

Step 4: Select the option to link your Flybuys 

Step 5: Follow the prompts 

Once successfully linked, your Flybuys card number will appear in the Flybuys section of your Coles Plus account area.

Earn more points with Coles Plus 

If you're a Coles Plus member with Flybuys linked to your Coles account, your extra points for eligible purchases will appear automatically when you shop online. To earn points when you shop in-store, you'll need to scan your Flybuys card. 

Find out which purchases are eligible for extra points with Coles Plus 

Coles Plus points in your Flybuys account 

The extra points you earn as a Coles Plus member will appear in your Flybuys account within 24 to 48 hours. 

Bonus points and Coles Plus

Coles Plus points benefits can't be used in conjunction with separate Flybuys bonus points offers. 

Contact Customer Care 

Coles Plus members skip the queue and have access to Priority Customer Care. You'll find the exclusive phone number and email details in the Coles Plus area of your account. 

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