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How do I place a bulk order?

If your business is looking to order larger amounts of supplies, you can order what you need in bulk, to make it a bit easier to stock up.

Raising your product limit quantities for bulk ordering

Each product has a quantity limit that can be ordered at once. If your business regularly orders more than the product quantity limit for an item, you can request to increase this limit.

You’ll be prompted to submit a request — add the bulk amount of the product you need into your online shopping trolley, and fill in the rest of the details.

Once we’ve approved your request (this usually takes 1- 2 business days), you’ll be able to add bulk quantities to your order each time.

Please be aware that notice periods will be required. A bulk handling fee may also apply for heavier orders.

Delivery timeframes 

You’ll need to submit your order a minimum of 5 days before collection or delivery.
For remote deliveries, please allow 10 days before delivery.

Bulk order notice periods

  • For 12 to 20 of any item, please allow 4+ days for delivery.
  • For more than 20 of any item, please allow 6+ days for metro areas and 10+ days in remote areas.
  • To order more of an item than the online limit allows, or to check the necessary notice period for a specific regional location, please call our Business Support team.
  • A bulk handling fee may apply to orders totalling over 250kg. This compensates for increased handling, storage and delivery requirements. If applicable, the handling fee estimate will be communicated to you on the checkout page.
  • To purchase less than 12 of any item, we don’t need a notice period. However, providing more notice allows for the best product availability.

For more information, please get in touch by sending us an email.

Contact our Business Support team

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