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Book a delivery slot

Before you book, check if your order qualifies for an Unattended delivery


Step 1.

In the top right, just below your trolley icon, select Set shopping method.

Select delivery slot guided image

Step 2

Select Delivery and begin typing a new delivery address, or select from the list of your previously saved addresses.

Select Deliver in the drop down

Step 3.

Confirm the address for this order to be delivered to and select Set address.
Next tap Pick a slot.

Step 3. pick a delivery time slot

Step 4.

Pick the day and time for your delivery slot, then select Confirm.
TIP: Get in early to secure your delivery slot. Popular delivery times quickly get booked out and become unavailable.

Delivery how to

Step 5.

You’ll receive a message confirming your delivery slot.
Tap Continue shopping to add items to your trolley or go to checkout.

Continue shopping

Need to modify your delivery slot? 

You can change your delivery slot as long as it's not a Rapid delivery and not outside the modify order cut-off time.
Select the Delivery drop down and tap Edit.

Booking a delivery slot

Need to modify your order before delivery? 

You can make any changes before the modify order cut-off time. 
See our guide to Modify your order or slot

Important: At checkout, give clear delivery instructions, allowing your driver to gain access and make a secure, unattended delivery

E.g. Gate entry code *5698*. Entry is on the left of the building. Leave order second door on right. 
We'll save these instructions with your delivery address.

Without clear delivery instructions, your driver is required to return your order to the store, and you may be charged a $30
cancellation fee if:

a. Your driver can't access the address or find a safe place to leave your delivery unattended
b. Your driver calls you for delivery instructions, but they can't reach you, or you miss a call from them. 
If this happens, contact Online Customer Care on 1800 455 400

If your Partner driver needs to call you for delivery instructions, and is unable to reach you.
They may return your order to the store and you'll still be charged for the full amount of your order.

Need support with delivery?  

Get in touch with our Online Customer Care Team 
See more Help Centre topics about Delivery