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Unattended delivery

Unattended delivery means your driver is authorised to access your delivery address
and leave your order in a safe, discreet and weatherproof spot

Unattended deliveries don't require someone to show Age/ID or sign for them on arrival, these need a Signed for delivery

IMPORTANT: At checkout - give clear delivery instructions, allowing your driver to gain access and make a secure, unattended delivery

E.g. Gate entry code *5698*. Entry is on left of building. Leave order second door on right. (We'll save these instructions against each address).

Without clear delivery instructions, your driver is required to return your order to the store, and you may be charged
a $30 cancellation fee if:

a. Your driver can't access the address or find a safe place to leave your delivery unattended
b. Your driver calls you for delivery instructions, but they can't reach you, or you miss a call from them. 
If this happens, contact our Online Customer Care Team on 1800 455 400

Unattended delivery isn't available for apartments and gated communities

You need a SIgned for delivery. You, or someone at the address, must be there to buzz your driver in, and they'll call you on arrival to confirm where the order should be left. 

Unattended delivery isn't available for orders including liquor or  tobacco products

Age-restricted items require a SIgned for delivery - all drivers are required to scan a valid ID/Age to before they can leave the order at the address.

Unattended delivery and chilled items

To find out how long it's generally considered safe to leave groceries unfrozen or unrefrigerated, we recommend you follow guidelines provided by Food Standards Australia.

Missing or damaged item? Claim a credit  

Send us the details to start the claim process
For missing or damaged alcohol or tobacco items, please call us on 1800 455 400

Need support with delivery?  

Get in touch with our Online Customer Care Team