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What is partner delivery?

Partner delivery provides access to more delivery slots so you can get your groceries quicker. 

 How do I order partner delivery? 

You can select a delivery time slot that says  partner delivery  before checking out. 

 Is partner delivery available in my area? 

It's available in many areas, but not all. We continually review our service areas so even more people can access Coles delivery services. If partner delivery isn't available in your area now, we hope it will be soon. 

How much does partner delivery cost? 

The delivery fee is $11, on top of the cost of your order. This fee is paid when you pay for your order. 

Do I need to be home for partner delivery? 

No, you don't need to be home as it's an unattended delivery method, but your delivery address needs to be accessible to drivers. If not, you must write clear delivery instructions stating where to leave the order.

You do need to be contactable by phone in case the driver can't find your address or needs more information about the delivery instructions.

Unattended delivery is not available for orders including liquor or tobacco products. For these orders, our drivers or third-party providers will need to view and/or scan valid identification to confirm your age and identity at the time of delivery. 

How will I know when my order is on the way? 

You will be sent an SMS to say your order is being prepared. It includes a link for you to view the driver’s location.

Sometimes drivers may appear to be going to the wrong address when delivering the order. This is because drivers can deliver multiple orders in one trip and may be in the process of delivering to another address before yours.

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