Chicken Recipes

Enjoy choosing from the huge range of delicious chicken recipes from Coles. Made with Coles RSPCA Approved Australian Chicken, they're easy to do, quick to cook and ideal for everything from busy weeknights to entertaining friends and family. 

From a comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup to chicken curry tray bake or garlic and lemongrass roast chicken, it's not surprising that this versatile protein is a household favourite. Whether you prefer it grilled, baked or poached, there's an easy chicken recipe to suit everyone's tastes and every occasion. 

For a quick dinner with minimal washing up, try our one-pot chicken recipes like this one-pan chicken with bocconcini and olives. Looking for simple chicken recipes to make a portable lunch that you can prep ahead? Give our green goodness chicken sandwich or chicken and bocconcini quinoa salad a go. Or maybe you've got some leftover chicken in the fridge to use up? Shred it and add to this easy chicken pho - the possibilities are endless!

Healthy Chicken Recipes 

A good source of protein, these healthy chicken recipes are a great way to fill up and fuel your day. Whether you prefer to poach, grill or air-fry your chicken, you'll find loads of inspiration from Coles for mouth-watering meals that don't skimp on the flavour. 

For an easy dinner, try our air fryer chicken with quinoa salad. This recipe and others were created in partnership with the Heart Foundation to ensure a nutritionally balanced meal that still tastes delicious. You'll find even more healthy chicken dinner recipes at Coles Healthier Living

Chicken Drumstick Recipes

Looking for some new ideas for cooking chicken drumsticks? You've come to the right place. Try one of our delicious chicken drumstick recipes. 

Popular with the kids, chicken drummies are a great-value choice for easy family dinners or a tasty snack. Whether you prefer to enjoy them baked, grilled or fried, we've got easy chicken drumstick recipes for any occasion. For a mouth-watering baked chicken drumsticks recipe, try  Curtis Stone's sticky chicken drumsticks with rice and bok choy. Need something quick and easy? Our chicken and chickpea tray bake is a one-pan wonder that only takes 5 minutes to prep. Whatever you're looking for, the best chicken drumstick recipe is here at your fingertips.

Chicken Breast Recipes

A family favourite, chicken breast is a great choice for lunch or dinner. This lean protein is incredibly versatile and easy to cook: shred it for wraps, slice it for salads, or cut into into pieces to add to delicious soups. It's also perfect for chicken kiev or schnitzels.

If you're looking for healthy chicken breast recipes, poached chicken is a great option - try our coconut chicken lettuce cups for a fresh-tasting lunch or dinner. You'll also find loads of chicken breast recipes for dinner such as our easy Mexican-style chicken and rice bake or one-pan mushroom and spinach chicken.

Chicken Thigh Recipes

On the hunt for chicken thigh recipes? You've come to the right place. Deliciously juicy when cooked, chicken thigh is the dark meat cut from the top section of the chicken leg. Like chicken breast, chicken thighs are a good source of protein and quick and easy to prep. 

This budget-friendly cut is known for its strong flavour and juicy texture, which makes it an excellent choice for stir-fries, pies and curries. Chicken thigh bones are also great for flavouring stock. For a super-easy curry recipe, our 4-ingredient butter chicken recipe is a winner. Other delicious chicken thigh fillet recipes to add to your list include chicken fajitas with pineapple salsacreamy chicken, leek and corn pie and creamy pesto chicken with veggie noodles.

Chicken Mince Recipes

You'll find plenty of delicious ways to cook chicken mince with these versatile recipes from Coles. While an excellent choice for dinner, chicken mince can also be used to make tasty savoury bites like our red chicken curry sausage rolls

If you're after chicken mince recipes to feed the family, our fuss-free chicken nachos are an easy crowd-pleaser, or mix the mince with breadcrumbs, herbs and spices to make mouth-watering meatballs for our chicken meatball stroganoff. You could also try your hand at chicken mince burger recipes, or give Curtis Stone's sticky chicken lettuce cups a go for a refreshing weeknight meal.