Easter Desserts

 Whether you're looking for a show-stopping Easter dessert or something sweet and comforting to treat your family on the weekend, we have all your bases covered with these recipes. Aussie fruit desserts make the perfect end to a traditional Easter menu – think ripe plums, juicy pears and crisp red and green apples. For bright colour and big flavour, take your pick from our berry desserts, or take the zesty route with our lemon desserts that are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Autumn is also the perfect season for baked desserts, so don't wait for Easter Sunday to fire up the oven – enjoy whipping up cosy cakes and puddings, sweet tarts and pies and classics like banana bread.

For easy entertaining, you can't go past chilled or frozen make-ahead desserts such as cheesecakes along with quick desserts created using clever shortcuts from Coles. Check out our no-bake Easter desserts – you're sure to find a new favourite to wow your guests. Plus, to make sure any guests with special diets don't miss out on dessert, take your pick from our great range of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options that are ideal for Easter celebrations. We even have healthier desserts created in partnership with the Heart Foundation.

Easter wouldn't be the same without chocolate, so give your feast a decadent finale with our chocolate desserts. Whether you love dark, milk or white chocolate (or all three), get ready to melt, stir in those choc chips and create a spectacular Easter treat.

Traditional Easter desserts

When we think of Easter desserts, we can't help dreaming of the classics. A creamy trifle or baked cheesecake makes a sensational centrepiece for your Easter dessert table. These chilled desserts are great for prepping ahead and keeping in the fridge until you're ready to serve. For something even more comforting, serve up a gooey dessert warm from the oven, such as a hot cross bun pudding studded with fruit. Check out these recipes and find a beautiful way to end the feast.

Easter chocolate desserts

If you want to add an Easter spin to any dessert, just add chocolate! There are so many ways to enjoy Easter chocolate desserts - classics like cakes and brownies are delicious on their own and even better when they're loaded up with Easter treats. For something different, give our chocolate Basque cheesecake a go - it's topped with sticky roasted strawberries. If you love baking, master the art of chocolate babka, whip up chunky monkey bread and chocolatey cinnamon scrolls. Fridge slices like our Easter hedgehog slice are fun to make with the kids too.

Easy no-bake Easter desserts

Leave the oven off and whip up easy and tasty treats for your Easter celebrations - our no-bake dessert recipes make it easy. No-bake cheesecakes are a guaranteed crowd pleaser and we have plenty to choose from, including mini cheesecakes and an indulgent chocolate cheesecake with crunchy hazelnut topping. The great thing about no-bake desserts at Easter is they can be as simple as melting chocolate chopping nuts and softening a tub of ice cream. For a super easy dessert to share, give our ice cream sundae board a go.

Vegan desserts for Easter

If you're looking for dairy-free and plant-based options for your Easter dessert table, give these vegan Easter dessert recipes a whirl. Cheesecake is a classic choice for Easter dessert, and our vegan cheesecakes make a delicious alternative to traditional cheesecake - they're easy to make ahead, no baking required. Check out our step-by-step guide to making vegan cheesecake too. Plus there's vegan choc mousse, frozen desserts and more.

Now get cooking

Whether you’re looking for traditional, chocolate, no-bake or vegan recipes, you’re sure to find the perfect Easter desserts for your menu here. Need more inspiration? Check out our guides to Easter breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinners. Plus, find more great vegan recipes, cake recipes, and dessert recipes. For gluten-free desserts, check out our gluten-free recipes too.