Healthy Dinner Recipes

Eating well and preparing quick, healthy dinners doesn't have to be difficult, complicated or time consuming. Nourish your body and shake up your weekly menu with these healthy dinner recipes from Coles. You'll find recipes for quick and easy weeknight dinners, like our chicken tikka salad, as well as healthier versions of family favourites like turkey burgers with herbed yoghurt sauce

These nutritious recipes are a great way to up your veggie intake and lead a healthier lifestyle. Whether you're after meat, vegetarian or vegan options, there are easy healthy dinner recipes to suit every diet and occasion that don't compromise on taste. Explore the selection of recipes, then head into Coles or online to stock up on quality fresh produce and wholesome ingredients. For even more recipe inspiration, healthy eating and fitness tips, head over to the Coles Healthier Living page.

Vegetarian Healthy Dinner Recipes

Veggies are an important staple when it comes to healthy eating. Rich in vitamins and minerals, they contain many of the daily nutrients required for a healthy diet. To help you reach the recommended 5 serves of veg a day, check out this selection of healthy vegetarian dinner recipes from Coles. There are veggie-packed pasta dishes, healthy salads and fragrant curries.

If you prefer to blend or hide your veggies, try our warming veggie soups. We've got you covered with loads of healthy and quick vegetarian dinner recipes for busy weeknights, as well as slow-cooked options if you prefer to prep your meals in the morning.

Vegan Healthy Dinner Recipes

Looking for healthy vegan dinner recipes? You've come to the right place. Explore the collection of easy healthy vegan dinner recipes from Coles to help you eat well or cater for vegan friends and family. Whether you're after veggie-packed soups, fresh salads, or inspiration how on to prepare and cook tofu, we have delicious dinner recipes to suit any occasion. To help you on your way, look out for the range of vegan cheese and dairy options available at Coles.

Healthy Pasta Dinner Recipes

Love pasta but want to lead a healthy lifestyle? Not a problem! Check out the delicious and nutritious healthy pasta recipes from Coles. A good source of carbohydrate, pasta is a delicious way to fuel your body when paired with nutritious ingredients. Try a veggie-packed pasta bake or warm pasta salad with lots of leafy greens. For a quick and easy weeknight meal that the kids will love, give our Heart Foundation approved chicken pesto pasta a go.

Healthy Chicken Dinner Recipes

Chicken is a family favourite when it comes to dinnertime. It's also a good source of protein and adds loads of flavour to your meals. With a bit of know-how and these healthy chicken dinner recipes from Coles, you can enjoy healthy chicken recipes any night of the week. We have loads of recipe inspiration for quick and easy meals, as well as nourishing dinners created in partnership with the Heart Foundation.

Healthy Slow Cooker Dinner Recipes

We all know slow cooker meals are warm and comforting, but they can be good for you too. These healthy slow cooker recipes from Coles are all packed with nutritious ingredients to help you lead a healthier lifestyle and reach the recommended 5 serves of veg per day. From homemade soups to veggie-loaded risotto, there are plenty of hearty and delicious dinner options to keep you and the family satisfied.