10 must-try lamb dinners

After some dinner inspiration? Look no further than these mouth-watering lamb recipes. From fresh salads to hearty roasts, there’s something for everyone.

1. Smoky lamb, pita and pea hommus plate recipe

Loaded with lamb, pita bread and a creamy pea hommus, this smoky plate is an easy winner.

2. Curtis Stone's BBQ veggies and lamb chops with tahini sauce and mint

Fire up the barbie and have a go at making these tender lamb chops. Served with veggies and homemade tahini sauce, this meal is sure to please.

3. Curtis Stone’s lamb leg with smashed cucumbers and fennel tzatziki

Served with smashed cucumbers and a fennel tzatziki, this lamb leg is a delicious way to up the ante of your next roast. 

4. Rosemary and garlic lamb with roasted mushrooms

This rosemary and garlic lamb is a flavour explosion. Served with roasted mushrooms, it’s a guaranteed hit.

5. Curtis Stone's lamb roast with hasselback pumpkin and balsamic brown butter

This tasty lamb dish takes the classic roast to a whole new level. With hasselback pumpkin and balsamic brown butter, this dish is a must-try.

6. Curtis Stone's roast lamb with crispy potatoes

With crispy potatoes and a tender roast lamb, this dish is ready to cook in just 20 minutes.

7. BBQ lamb and barley salad

Served on top of a barley salad, this BBQ lamb makes for a smoky and flavourful meal.

8. Lamb chops with mint chimichurri

Loaded with delicious herbs, this wholesome lamb dish is bursting with fresh flavour.

9. Lamb cutlets with Thai style dressing

With a Thai inspired dressing, these tasty lamb cutlets pack a flavour punch.

10. Lamb with barley salad

With just 5 minutes prep and topped with a pesto dressing, this lamb salad is an easy and filling meal.