5 dinners with 5 ingredients

Save time and money with these easy and delicious 5-ingredient meals. They’re ideal to get you through a busy week.

1. Asian-style tofu and edamame salad

This Asian-style salad is loaded with flavour. Serve it up for a fresh-tasting and easy dinner.

2. Lemon pepper chicken with kale and white bean slaw

This lemon pepper chicken is served with a crunchy white bean slaw. It makes a tasty weeknight dinner for the whole family. 

3. Veggie-loaded spaghetti bolognese

Boost your veggies with this clever spaghetti bolognese recipe. It’s easy to make and big on flavour. 

5. Salmon and asparagus brown rice pilaf

Serve up some seafood. It’s easy with our delicious recipe for salmon and asparagus brown rice pilaf.

4. Speedy beef pad see ew

The family will love this beef pad see ew. Packed with protein, veggies and noodles, it will be your new go-to!