5 recipes that’ll make you love brussels sprouts

These tasty recipes will change the way you think about brussel sprouts - they’re game-changers. 

1. Caramelised brussels sprouts with bacon

These brussels sprouts are paired with crispy bacon making the ultimate side dish.  

2. Curtis Stone’s roast chicken with crispy brussels sprouts

Golden roast chicken paired with crunchy brussels sprouts - you can’t go wrong. 

3. Green salad with egg and shredded brussels sprouts

Add some goodness to your green salad with shredded brussels sprouts. 

4. Slow roasted lamb with brussels sprouts

Caramelised brussels sprouts make the perfect addition to this slow roasted lamb dish. Give it a go!

5. Brussels sprout and orange salad

Try this refreshing citrus salad starring brussels sprouts - it’s a crowd-pleaser.